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  1. I'm still getting pimples in places they were before, but some parts that usually rejuvenate quickly are pretty clear right now, like around the mouth. The jawline is getting better but still has some, and many flaky red marks. I haven't shaved the whole time and am trying not too, but I look pretty weird with this mustache lol. I have been doing this probably 18 days.
  2. I don't think you guys are really getting it. Stop talking about filtering your water and that shit. As I recall someone else brought up the whole "acid mantle layer", not Adam08 in the first post. He just said he wasn't going to wash his face. If your face is dirty, wash it, just try and remember how you acted before you had acne. That's my opinion. And I think sweat helps me to get rid of the flakiness, just cause it seems to get some of it to come off naturally, but not with skin overall. Bu
  3. Here is my experience with this: I have been doing it for probably 9 days now and have noticed a great deal of improvement in the general look of my skin. The old pimples I did have, even really bad ones are turning into just red marks. But I have gotten some new ones. They are almost all in places that before had just been red, about to form a pimple. So right now it doesn't look too good, but I think once my skin finally recovers most of these will go away and not reform. You have to remember
  4. So what should we be doing to control insulin levels? I am not understanding.
  5. In my opinion if your skin is dry enough that it's annoying other than the way it looks you should use moisturizer. Cause most people who have clear skin even use it. I had eczema before I had acne and moisturizer actually really helped it. But I only use it if it's hurting or itching. The flaking is normal and in my opinion better than it being inflamed and red like it normally like it would. Remember, these are pimples. There is nothing you can really do to make them look "good". It's worth le
  6. I think it's all about the stress. When you are debating whether or not you should eat something that causes you stress. I think you should decide what you aren't going to eat and just stick to instead of making decision during meals and having to worry about. Just decide you aren't going to eat diary or whatever so you aren't worrying about it anymore.
  7. Hey snow what do you do about shaving? I think this will work with me but shaving seems to irritate my skin. I use a simple razor you buy in those packs and the ultrasensitive shaving cream. Should I buy a electric one? Also I think washing your face before you go to bed is good cause I know most people who have clear skin at least do that. And as far as the moisturizer, I have had dry skin and excema all my life...Do you think it's still a good idea to moisturize since I did it before I had a
  8. This made me laugh. I hope it brightens your day... http://vimeo.com/158718
  9. So...You lessened the products? Like what do you use now? I'm a guy so I basically used only the treatments and nothing much else on my face...And as far as stopping the regimen, should I just slowly apply less BP or do it right away?
  10. Oh, yeah, the only thing that seemed to really help was when I went to mexico for springbreak...I was swimming in the ocean/pool/sun for 8 days and I was almost 100% clear when I got back.
  11. So I've been battling with my acne for 7 months now, and nothing has really improved it. I've tried lots of things, and I am currently in the 7th week of the regimen and nothing has really changed. My acne was never really that bad, and has only gotten worse since I started trying all this stuff. I basically go through a cycle of healing, breaking out, healing, and then breaking out. I'm wondering if just stopping all the treatments and going natural is a good idea? Thanks.
  12. I just started a couple days ago and my redmarks have already gotten better...But pimples still there. Is this not normal?
  13. This happened to me after a basketball game...I had had a great game and we won an upset, and I was happy, then I looked in a car window and saw myself...And was sad and everyone was like "Dude, what the hells wrong with you? That was great!" I was just like "...yeah..."