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  1. Gd ur skin clear .....Owell Lex I heard the redish on ur skin will go off when ur off accutane So?? i still got those pathetic spots on my cheeks dunno when will fade sia
  2. EH Bro lemme tell u accutane do make u 10x more sensitive 2 the sun So dun get too long in the sun or u'll be as red as an apple How's u doing anw?
  3. Me studying in Npoly hehe :0 u leh?

  4. Me frm Sg hehe I'm still on Accutane for 5 months liao skin frm NSC , skin dry, pimple marks remains hope it clears well
  5. hALO! i frm S'pore leh my Name is AcneVal! Nice2meetu here! Welcome =)

  6. Hey Tyler... I'm Val

    Keep ur hopes up ur face be better & u'll be handsome again in the end on Accutane, Now i'm in my 4th month & my skin is healing well.

    Cheers & take Care! ;)

  7. Hey Zach! I'm on the same month as u on Accutane, & am still having some breakout, I hope 3rd month will see my skin heal gd!! Good Luck & All the best may we look forward to having clear Skin!
  8. WOw wHAT A Miracle PatDan! I hope to my skin can recover clean On my 1/5 month course on accutane
  9. Hey Fwen...r u frm Sg!!?? Wow .... Me too How ya get 2 noe Acne.org??

  10. Hey r U From sg!!?? I oso from Sg wow.....How u get to know Acne.org ah?

  11. wOW Matt thats great news....I'm about my 36 day of accutane ....I still got some pimples on my fore-head & cheeks almost heal I hope to Recover soon..
  12. IB for the past few weeks on Accutane Its Sux....Like not doing any gd man.
  13. i'm the same age as you! & i live in S'pore...ur neighbor Country( Yep there is initial flare up of pimples but soon it will dry off .....) i still have some active pimples thou but they drying up... I feel great with my skin less Oily PM if u got other Qus
  14. hEY Fwen I wish You all da Best.....Ya! Me too i oso Just take Accuane 20mg same as u last wk so now about 11 days Olrdy.... And My skin feels much less Oily & Acne Seems to dry up real quick.. I hope for the best & hope to Clear real Soon...Gd Luck I don't have an Accutane Log maybe i can post here LOL....
  15. Hi... I just go fish Oil Pills... as i know its rich in VitA,VitD&E....Has anyone tried it any seen great skin improvements like less Oily Skin...Less Breakout??? Ppl Tried fish Oil pls Comment advices..