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  1. I think not, if your problem is look in the mirror. Make up uniforms the skin but still have depression in mirror. The pictures you got in the mirror doesn t look bad, your skin is really healthy
  2. Foxy I do think you shouldn t do any much agressive treatments. I am a man and I dont like ugly things on women s faces, what I am saying is that you look good and you.are beautiful, yours scars dont really matter.
  3. Was subcision and laser Yes, I will update friend
  4. Thanks buddy, I did this here in portugal, I found a doctor that does subcision, was really difficult to found xd he works in many clinics and hispitals, I did this in a private hospital, if I get good results I will say the name of the doctor. Lets see what happend
  5. Hey guys Im here to update my skin Today I did my subcision and laser treatments. I loved the whole procedure, the private hospital where I did this are amazing, they treated me fantastically. Im really hoppefully that I will like the results this is my after treatments.
  6. Oh ok I understand you know. you are saying for I look for a doctor who does filler and with the needle of filler he or.she breaks the fibers right? I can talk with my dermatologist, she does filler, but I dont.know if she knows whats subcision is. She does micronedling, laser co2, vascular laser, peelings, skinbooster, filler but subcision no.. She tells me once that I just need micronnedling, but will take time to have results, and I ask her for.filler, she says to me `` fill what?`` and says
  7. I dont understand, you are saying for i see a doctor who does subcision cannula and filler?
  8. ambition I need your help, im really tired of my head, im working and living my life always thinking on my scars and in.the.things I should do to fix this but its really frustated when you live in a country where there is nothing. Its like a country of 3rd world. Nobody knows absoluty anithyng abiut acne scars, the people with scars here maybe are retard and dont wanna know or the doctors dont want learn about this and help peopl. We dont have doctors like davin lim.or others specialists that r
  9. Ambition the doctor from spain where I go only does nokor subcision, I dont know the difference of nokir and cannulla but I know nokor is.bigger then cannulla and on temples maybe I cant do nokor right? tell me what is better for.me and withouth risks
  10. Ok I will do that. Subcision will not give me results inmediatelly? I know its not like magic but weeks later after subcision I won t see improvements? I will do the subsisionn in november, then I do microneedling in february, then again subcision is. That?
  11. I know. Microneedling I can do here, filler too but you think I need filler? My doubt is how I should combine the treatments. Can I do the subcision and a week later do the micronnedling? Or I will not ge results with this way
  12. Beautiful ambition I have some doubts. First of all I am planning to travel to Spain to do the subcision. You told me to do the subcision combined with microneedling, but how do I do that? do the subcision and microneedling on the day or do I let the skin recover and only then do the microneedling? And another.thing is what is sculptra and picsoure thank you
  13. I dont want any doctor, I want a doctor that I can trust and really knows how to do sub
  14. Hmm I need to think very well, im from portugal, its a high risk go to spain like this