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  1. Hello, Just over a year ago, aged 25 (male), I started breaking out mildy/moderately with all kinds of acne, from annoying whiteheads to big angry inflamed cysts etc. I’d never really had much acne in my teens and it was a big shock. I thought it would just go away again, but after several months it was worse than ever and really affecting my social life and mental health. I tried all kinds of over the counter stuff with pretty much zero improvement, some things made it worse, and I le
  2. Yeh, I know that now. But I have just finished my course of antibiotics and can't take any more. So I will be starting Differin without antibiotics. So I am worried that it might make my skin worse... Has anybody used Differin only after finishing antibiotics? Thanks for your help though! Yeh, it might only fully 'kick in' after 6 months
  3. Keep going. They can take 6 months to work. Continuing will certainly do no harm. Does anybody have any experience of using Differin to prevent acne after getting it under control with antibiotics? Anyone?
  4. Hi there, I am 25. After having normal and mostly clear skin since I was a teenager I developed mild/moderate acne (more moderate, I guess) in Jan 2018. I tried various OTC remedies but nothing worked (most made things worse) and I went to my GP (UK) for help in March 2018. I was prescribed Differin (0.1% adapalene) but I was too scared to use it because: a. the prospect of a lengthy initial breakout was probably worse than living with my persistent but never severe acne b. I spend lo