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  1. You sound like me! I have similar bumps that never erupt all over my temples, cheeks and my forehead for years. Acne treatments such as AHA's and BHA's leave them somewhat irritated and never make them go away. I've tried many things you've tried and currently am on a plan with my GP (trying a new BC pill and Doxycycline antibiotics 50mg a day) to try and rid me of this constant bumpy texture. Do your bumps itch? Mine do occasionally although I have sensitive skin and it could be dry s
  2. Oh really? Gosh I feel like I'm the only one with a face like this, at least when looking online. It sends me bonkers but it's 'good' to know I'm not alone. I'm interested to know, have you seen a Derm before? My GP will work with me the best she can at the moment but will refer me to see one if we can't clear the issues. I'm glad you have experienced a positive result with your routine! My GP has prescribed Doxycycline 50mg which I've been on for 2 weeks... I've also completely gone back
  3. I use a 20% Azelaic cream in the evening, sometimes in the morning if I remember too Thanks
  4. I agree, it's really tricky! Considering the past year I've really been focused on creating a skincare routine that's simple, using fragrance-free products that won't irritate my skin, it's hard to say. I have even gone complete cold turkey with makeup going on 3 months now. But one thing remains, I was in the Dr's office about this about 2 years ago and my routine was no where near what it is now. I can say that this texture has somewhat diminished with the use of Advantan 0.1% but is aggrava
  5. Maybe that’s why mine are still around after so many years! Yes the wash does have fragrance so it’s possibly irritating. I might bin it. I do have Nip + Fab Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Extreme Night Pads that are swipe on so they do their magic overnight. Perhaps that’s a better option for me. Those reviews are interesting, but I use the gel-cream which is fragrance free. Not sure if it’s vastly different but interesting nonetheless. Problem is I’ve had this texture since way before I started u
  6. Thanks for your comment. What type of bad reviews has the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream received? I like the product and from what I’ve heard, it works great. I added the BHA in because of these bumps, which I’ve had for years. I let it sit on my skin for about a minute before washing off. Those products are meant to provide quick contact chemical exfoliation to the face. Also Paulas Choice is not available to me in my country. I think my routine is fairly simple already. I’ll see my dr soon
  7. Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I might have a look into stronger Salicylic Acid and possibly ask my dr about a course of antibiotics when I see her
  8. I find they never come to a head, they’re always just constantly there and more visible in bad lighting. I get a few occasional breakouts like on my chin at the moment but they usually come to a head quickly and heal. I feel like my BHA does nothing for them as well. They’re so stubborn! Thank you for commenting.
  9. I’d greatly appreciate if anyone could shed some light on what they think this might be? I will be seeing my Dr soon, although I have mentioned this last year and she prescribed Advantan 0.1% which works temporarily. AM routine Simple Micellar Water Gel Wash cleanser Neutrogena Oil-free acne wash 2% Salycilic Acid (alternating days) Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream moisturiser Altruist Dermatologist sunscreen SPF 50 PM Simple Micellar Water Gel Wash cleanser Neutrogena Hydro Boost