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  1. sato20

    4Th Week, Not Seeing Much Improvements?

    A few things to remeber: 1) it can take up to 4-3 months to see full resluts from this so you might still have a ways, 2)make sure youre following everything to the T with being gentle, using the right products and right amounts etc, and 3) did you start slow and gradually increase to 2 pumps of BP or start full right off the bat? I know I made that mistake and took longer to see results.
  2. sato20

    Help With The Regimen! Please

    I cant speak to those products since ive never used them but one thing I can tell you is that it def takes time with this regimen, you prob wont see a change for a few weeks and full effects to take place after a few months. It also can get worse before it gets better, im on my 3rd month and the dryness/redness is my biggest issue but i do still see occasional pimples.
  3. sato20

    Small Bumps

    yes for the regimen to be fully effective you need to do it both morning and night about 10 hours apart. Since you have been on it for less than a month tho you dont want to use too much in the early stages, just start slow and ramp up the dosage gradually.
  4. Hey guys. First, I wanted to see if anyone has found a good spf moisturizer that doesnt irritate and actually moisturizes (crazy thought right). I currently use the Aveeno ultra calming with feverfew which seems to work ok but it is only spf 15 and does not seem to really moisturize and instead dries my face out, which im sure in part is due to the suscreen. Plus I dont know if it actually reduces redness as it claims to. Also just wanted to discuss a few general regimen questions and
  5. sato20

    A godsend for redmarks!

    do you know if this would be something i could use while on accutane? or are the ingredients cause irration? i really want to try this but kind of afraid...
  6. sato20

    Are these redmarks?

    yea they look like red marks but the good news is since you just started getting acne recently if you find certain products that work for you they will heal fast....thats the key stopping new acne from forming so you dont get new red marks