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  1. Glad things are going so well!!! It's great to get through PMS time with only one small spot! Sounds like you have perfected your routine!
  2. Thanks Willow-I don't know what's going on! Finacea is supposed to reduce redness, slough off skin similar to a retinoid, and be an antibacterial. However, it seems to make my skin more red and irritated if I use it very often-don't know why though. I used RAM last night and the night before, which seemed to be better for the moment. I have this red, flakey, and bumpy skin on my upper cheek. Weird. It has reduced since I haven't used the every day the past two days. I also used a vinegar
  3. Hi itskenney, sorry RAM doesn't seem to be working for you yet. It sucks to go from having great skin to having acne! Personally, I would go back to the derm and see what he/she says. Everyone responds differently and for some people RAM doesn't work. I'm sure they can find you something else that would help.
  4. same old same old. My cheeks are still red and bumpy. Look mostly like crap-I used finacea last night but not this morning, hopefully it will get better.
  5. I also break out every time I try to take fish oil, flax seed oil- no matter what kind. I have tried several types because I kept hearing how wonderful it is for you but it just doesn't work for me.
  6. Well things are up and down again. My forehead is so smooth but my cheeks are red and dry again. They look bumpy and inflamed-i even have some small bumps on my nose and surround my nose. I guess I will cut down on the amount of finacea I use to once a day or lessen the amount. So... frustrating-but at least this log may help me to keep up with the situation. I hate going to work when I look like this-makes me feel terrible. I see people all the time, which makes me feel worse. ah well-ho
  7. Hi All, Things are a lot better today:) Apparently if you keep opened package of finacea too long (7 months), it doesn't work as well. I bought a new prescription and started using it thursday and all the spots cleared up almost completely (a few bumps on my forehead) and my skin has stopped being red. The old tube I got back in august and had kept it in the bathroom. I did have a hole in the tube, which I patched with tape. So I guess I shouldn't do that again:) I was happy though-found o
  8. Sorry Willow-That post sounded bad-I didn't mean you, I meant me:) I seem to have gotten more sensitive and oily as I have gotten older (I am almost 30) and I wondered if other people noticed any changes in their skin who are closer to my age:) I should have read that post before sending it!!!! We dyed easter eggs:) and I gave my boyfriend and family Easter baskets but we didn't really do anything exciting. It was nice though-I had 2 extra days off, so that was great!!
  9. Congrats on becoming a moderator!! What type of skin do you have? Is it very sensitive? I've been wondering if as a person gets older their skin gets more sensitive or if it's just me? I hope yo uhad a lovely Easter!
  10. Well-I broke out again! My forehead is a mess-bunches of small bumps everywhere. My cheek area under my eyes is red and looks slightly bumpy again. I don't know why-I got two sore bumps earlier but they went away (too much sugar always does that and I overdosed on sugar this weekend:)) The best part was I went to the mall this weekend and this make up lady told me that I needed this microdermabrasion system from estee lauder as I had big pores, redness, rough skin, and oily skin. It was great
  11. Well a new update:) Willow, I agree forheads are the weirdest spots-mine is almost totally clear right now, where as not long ago, it was the worst part for me-tons of tiny bumps. I had a facial last year and my faced was so messed up from it that I've been afraid to go back. The facialist was very nice but I think she was a little too rough. But I like the idea of a facial-I just love to for things to be clean:) I'm glad the one you have is so good- it sounds like she really know what she'
  12. Well a little update on my progress- been using financea for about 3 weeks or so, which has been a little up and down. My face looks red at the moment with some red splotches/bumps. They are small but they look very inflammed. My forehead is starting to clear up really well but still small, clogged pores. My skin feels really smooth on my forehead. It weird, one day it will look great and another it's all broken out again. I don't get the sore bumps anymore, which is really nice. I'm wor
  13. Yay Willow! That's wonderful that you haven't had any inflamed pimples for 2.5 months. How often do you go to your facialist? Do you still like her a lot? Hope you are having a great weekend!
  14. Hi all, Well I have changed my regimen yet again but this time seems better then the other times for me-I have started using finacea every morning and evening. No more differin, bha, etc. They seemed to irritate me so bad that I had to stop. I get these tiny whiteheads and small bumps all over the place but espeically my forehead and cheeks. I have been trying to use RAM .04% once a week but that seems to make them flare up and never go away. The financea helps to keep the irriatation down and