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  1. Never touch them. Always very conscious of not irritating them. The injection thing is something I hadn't heard before, what's that cost? I am just praying they will flatten out and the infection will leave me on it's own but it's been so long it feels like they are stuck the way they are now.
  2. I don't really expect much help, I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat as me... but here it goes. Like a year and a half ago, a little more, I had a completely clear back with very occasional acne, but my face has always been a problem for me. I have followed Dan's regimen RELIGIOUSLY on my face for the last 6 years of my life. Buying his products, and using them as intended. My face would be in the same predicament as my back had I not done this, but my face is basically clear and s
  3. It's controllable on my face, it's essentially clear. But that definitely takes a committed regimen.
  4. The amount of people who don't report their mild IBD symptoms after taking accutane is probably very high, and as life goes on the effects will probably become more pronounced and that's what im scared about.
  5. I like that last bit of advice because I'm having anxiety about it and I haven't even tried.
  6. Okay, little bit of background info. All throughout my teen years from 13-19 years old I suffered from pretty moderate-severe acne confined to my face. I have seen great success in using The Regimen and products from acne.org for the last 5 years, controlling lesions on my face to a couple a month. My skin produces outrageous amounts of oil. Showering everyday is a must. And that seemed to keep my back acne in check to barely anything. Then for six months, I worked on a job where I got sw
  7. Wow everyone is from Ontario or BC. A few in Alberta, edmonton and calgary, and only 2 from Saskatchewan. I'll add that I'm from Saskatchewan, small farm. Not worth mentioning haha hours from Regina.
  8. I got fine lines around my mouth, and I'm 18. It's from the dryness that your skin has not experienced before, and lots of moisturizing helps get rid of it, but it mostly stays while you use.
  9. Personally, AHA is a life saver. For spot treatments, and red marks, it's perfect. The one unpleasant, or pleasant side effect I'm not sure, is how it makes every zit that would have normally taken months to become one, become a full blown one in a relatively short time period. This purging doesn't look great but after they are gone, my face is better than it ever has been. Then when I stop using AHA for a while, then use it again, that purging happens again. The wonders of acne prone skin.
  10. I find these exact same things. I try and pop it as slowly as possible, and only squeeze gently when it is ready, I mean these things usually pop by themselves eventually a little encouragement does nothing. That being said, picking the scabs that form, or squeezing so hard that it hurts are big no no's. The zit will only get worse. If your squeezing hard, you very well could be popping it under the surface, irritating and spreading the bacteria. Therefore, just pop when its ready, and appl
  11. I think you should do the regimen religiously for a couple months and if your face is still awful, go ahead with accutane. Its a big decision to take it, and naturally and topically is usually the better route, but if your acne is very severe, it can be the only way.
  12. The obvious thing to do would be to do the regimen, what this site is about.
  13. I made that mistake. Starting off too quick. Took about 2 weeks, I figured my face could handle this BP because I had used 10% stuff sparingly in the past. But then my face got so red, and stung to put any kind of moisturizer on it so much, and the flakes were almost uncontrollable. Trust me, atleast just start by doing it only at night with full dosage. Thats what i do.
  14. Suck it the fuck up. I have zits too, just deal with it. To answer your question, yes.
  15. I'm having a breakout too and its been about 2 months of using it, I believe. I use it in the morning in place of BP and as a moisturizer and it has improved my skin complexion and everything, but I say the breakouts are because it exfoliates so much that it gets the acne thats far under the skin, I say after a while it will stop, its not that bad for me anymore and it stops for a while, then I breakout again, every time I break out I think of it as a good thing. I think its getting the stuff