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    Hmm I like music mostly rock and rap. I play the acoustic guitar, bass and the flute. I love boxing coz it helps me take out any excess energy I have. I like hangin out with my friends mostly doin nothing
  1. czky


    go away masters
  2. Jod

    Oh not so bad. There on my face and back, Makes me feel horrible! Where do you get them?

  3. czky

    hey Jod, yeah I hope so too :) Sometimes my scars get me down but I try to stay positive. How r u dealing with them?

  4. Jod

    I have loads of acne scaring, hope you find a treatment for it.

  5. Hey thanks for adding me. Habla Espanol?

  6. yeah i agree. People are often very negative. But i guess most of the time its just frustration that others are getting better results than they are. I sometimes feel bad about my scars but I know someday I will find something to make them better. I guess I have faith. Some people can become quite negative because they loose this faith in finding a treatment that works for them. Thats why we need people whos treatments were successful to spread the good news. That gives negative people faith
  7. You can buy it at: http://www.amazon.com/Chemical-Peel-Wrinkl...7471&sr=1-2 its however only 50 percent concentration, they ship to ireland. Probably to UK aswell.