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  1. the first pic is of the right side of your face, while the second is the left side. why wouldn't you take a pic of your right side if you are comparing?
  2. thx for the reply......does anybody have any other opinions?
  3. im currently on dan's regimen and i want to use a sal. acid cleanser as well, can u guys give me some good recommendations.
  4. i apply bp around 10 in the mourning. around 5 in the afternoon i go for a workout and must shower afterwards. i've read to just rinse the face with water which i do, but will this rinse off all of the bp because i don't intend to apply more bp until about 10-11 later that night.
  5. whats a good night moisturizer to use that doesn't contain spf
  6. what stores carry Eucerin Face Renewal? walmart? target?.....etc i can't find it
  7. would it be better to wait the whitehead out or pop it?
  8. i started the reg about 4 days ago on my chin and now the skin is peeling....is this normal
  9. what can i take to get rid of these whiteheads, i have some big ones right underneath my lip that won't go away/keep forming. i started the reg about 4 days ago
  10. heres the link: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...andFilter=20149
  11. is it ok to put bp on nose.....and will i see results?....eliminate blackheads/dirt
  12. i have acne just on my chin area and around my mouth.....my cheeks and forehead are pretty much clean, the pimple/zits seem bunched and my chin is usuall read from one big blemish....anywhere from 10-16 pimples some are just red marks/blemishes......i've had this since about grade 5 (it started then)...in grade 9-11 it was a bit worse on my cheeks/forehead now that has dissapeared....a year ago i started medication from a derm where i was taking pills and applying a solution to my infected areas
  13. is "Nivea for Men Revitalizing Lotion" ok for a moisturizer while on the regimen?