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  1. does anyone cleanse there face, and then moisturize, AND then put on bp? I was wondering because i feel like i want to moisturize under my eye area but i dont want to cleanse, put bp on, and then put mosturizer on my face and under my eye area because ill be risking mixing the mosturizer with the bp in my under eye area. If i cleanse, mosturize, and then put on bp do you think it will still clear up my acne? does anyone do the regimen like this? THANKS for any responses
  2. Before posting this i had been eating lots of fruits and more greens, and i have noticed my skins overall color starting to match my neck, so that makes me happy I'll continue to eat this way, although i must confess im not 100% there yet. If anyone else is, keep me posted.
  3. Yes, fats are important. But not at the levels people eat them today.
  4. I really loved the book. It has so much information. Ever since i finished it i have been eating more and more fruit. I really need to start adding greens to my daily diet though. Let me know if it works out for you!
  5. All that it says is "No". Wheres the proof that it doesnt?
  6. does it? If it can bleach your towels, clothes, and hair..why not your skin? Thats a real scary thought!
  7. Anyone tried this way of life? I feel like its helping my acne, but i do need to start eating more greens. Just wondering if anyone does this, and if it has helped them or not Also, has any GIRL gone without wearing makeup and their acne got better? I really want too, but I'm so embarressed of showing my real face to the world :/
  8. Hey everyone. What the heck is your acid mantle? and how do you keep it on your face? Right now all im doing is washing with cetaphil cleanser at night every 3 nights. In the morning and other nights all i use is water. No mosturizer. It has really helped my skin out. Ive only been doing this for 2 weeks and already see improvement. But its still kind of red. But ya..whats the acid mantle? and am i washing it off or something (
  9. hey everyone. so ive ben on this regimen for about 5 months, and dont get me wrong, it works. butttt, i use about a pea size of the amount of bp, and it STILLL makes me red. and my the parts that i put BP look really tender compared to my normal skin. does this mean im allergic?
  10. is anyone a fruitarian? or just eat a lot of fruit and greens. do you find this helps your acne/ skin in general. also.. is anyone vegan? and eat only raw foods? does this help? i think im gunna try it.
  11. hey. can i recommend reading this book. the 80/10/10 diet by dr. douglas graham . its a life/skin saver!
  12. buy bananas! their super cheap. like 45cents a pound. and their healthy.
  13. hey everyone. so i went to buy this brush finally, and i was searching on their website and they dont have it! can someone tell me if they discontinued it, or they're just out for the moment..or im just not looking in the right spot. thanks!
  14. Hey guys. so i just recieved dans bp. and it also came with a sample of the cleanser and lotion. so far i have tried the cleanser and i like it. it took off my makeup, and it didnt seem to try out my face, and it foamed up..which my cetaphil doesnt do..so i like that at night to take off my makeup. i also like that it doesnt have fragrance like purpose does. thats what it kind of reminds me of..purpose. ANYWHO. do you guys use his cleanser? do you like it? what do you like about it? let me kn
  15. what i would do is skip the bp this morning and tomorrow morning..and just spot treat tonight. that way your not drying it out even more and it will help with the redness/flakiness.. i just went through this. i thought i could use the bp 2x a day. WRONG. i now use it at night only. and someitmes all i do is spot treat. it really helped.