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  1. I’ve been trying everything to get rid of it. i’ve had these breakouts for a few months now and they never get bigger or smaller in size they just stay there no matter what products i try. i’ve been using glossier the solution, thayers witch hazel toner, clearsil face wash, the body shop tea tree oil daily solution ,and the ordinary rosehip seed oil. my dermatologist also prescribed me mino cycline 50mg twice a day and i’ve been on and off taking that for about a month (it makes me nauseous) and
  2. hi. i’ve has these bumps on my jawline for a littler over a month and nothing i put on them seems to help. i’ve tried prescription medicine (differing, epiduo, and clindamycin), tea tree oil, andmario badescu drying lotion. i was wondering if anyone has had anything similar and if so what helped you. thank u!