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  1. You said earlier it cost you £500 including filler right, how much ml of filler did he provide you? Does he give as much as needed for that price or is that based on 1ml.
  2. Have you tried tretinoin or differin
  3. How much did it cost for transport /hotels
  4. Okay, I checked out the dermatica website you recommended they offer tretinoin + hydroquinone for £20 per month. Do you think it is worth the investment and should I wait for the bruising to go down before ordering as I cannot tell if I have PIH/PIE due to the treatment? I did have it before the treatment though. Also how long should I wait after the treatment to use differin or tretinoin? I ordered altruist 30 SPF sunscreen which is a combo of mineral and chemical. I cannot thank you
  5. Thanks for the swift reply, when you say do it at night you're referring to the application of retinoids right not cupping at night? Can I apply differin instead of tretenoin as I already have differin, you need a dermatologist prescription for tretenoin in UK. Also do you recommend vaseline or triple antibiotic cream for the scabs, I don't have triple antibiotic cream so I will have to order it online and wait for it. Also is a moisturizer with SPF enough protection.
  6. Hi I had my first round of subcision/dermapen/TCA cross today, I apologise as I know you get this question a lot but upon searching for other posts it is still not clear to me. I read about the suction method after subcision from the sticky thread. I ordered a Chinese cupping set like you recommended. What exactly is meant by passes does this mean you have to pump and move at the same time. Also do you pump all over your skin or just the area that went under subcision. I replied here instea
  7. I am getting treatment in february having had a consultation in december but prof chu said I dont have any ice pick scarring which is weird as it looks like i have.
  8. Just had a consultation with Dr Chu cost me £225, I will update when I have the treatment.
  9. Was it £350 for all of them or each and is it one session at that price. Thanks
  10. how much is a consultation with him? And how much was the treatment
  11. I know i have some ice pick scarring, i have read the acne scarring thread but boxcar and rolling scars look similar to me so i am not sure which one I have. I have heard about dr tony chu and his work with subcision would i benefit from something like this?