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  1. I’m so glad you posted again! Yay for the progress with peels and boo for the clogged pores. It sounds like it could be milia. If you can, see a dermatologist because tiny bumps can be so many different things and need topicals. I deal with them too and have gone to two dermatologists who said different things (one said it was a type of folliculitis and the other said it was tiny acne basically). In any case I’m so happy to hear you’ve had some progress. I find that to be encouraging. As fa
  2. okmichelle

    Severity and Treatment

    @SaraWillFight I'm having the same problem when trying to view other people's posts. I've tried Chrome and Explorer and both are doing this. It just started being an issue for me a couple days ago.
  3. okmichelle

    Severity and Treatment

    @beautifulambitionthank you so much! I found a doctor near me who does nokor subsicion. His name is Dr. Payman Kosari in Charlotte, NC. He has an instagram showing procedures he’s done, and I am looking forward to my consultation. I will also check out your list of doctors. Thank you very much for your suggestions and your skin care regimen. @superburritothanks for sharing all that. I wish I could travel to well known doctors but I don’t have the budget for that. Would you be able
  4. okmichelle

    Life is So Unfair

    Look up “Skin Positivity” —you will find some Instagram accounts that give you some positive ways to look at this. I totally understand though, I have friends who smoke and drink and they have perfect skin. I know MY acne was genetic, it was not because of my lifestyle.
  5. okmichelle

    Severity and Treatment

    @superburritoThank you for your help! It’s the rolling scar(s) in the center of my cheek that really bother me. After I posted yesterday I actually found a doctor in a nearby city who does subcision. The thing about subcision though is that I hear it being recommended all the time, but then I don’t hear many success stories, and I have seen here on more than one occasion people claiming it made their skin worse. Have you done it? I’m hoping filler alone can be used first. I’m also ope
  6. okmichelle

    Severity and Treatment

    I have a long history of acne but it was when it became cystic in my mid-twenties that I experienced some bad scarring, mostly due to atrophy from cortisone shots I had in cysts. I have attached several photos of the same exact place on my cheek, which truly demonstrate how much lighting impacts the look of scarring. I have scars in other areas of my face (my other post shows my forehead) and my other cheek is similar but this is the worst part. If I stretch my skin the scars completely go
  7. okmichelle

    Is my TCA Cross Healing Ok?

    This is very small progress but I still thought I would share it. I had botox in my forehead (and btw my eyebrows) last week (mostly for wrinkle prevention) but it did actually help the linear scar in the middle of my forehead a little bit. I guess with how my forehead creases when I raise my eyebrows, now that I can't really move my forehead, the scar has relaxed. I'd recommend Botox for people with forehead scars.. it's worth a shot. I'm going to continue with TCA at my next derm appointmen
  8. okmichelle

    Rolling/Boxcar scars, 31yo female

    I think microneedling does help stimulate collagen and is beneficial, it just takes a lot of dedication. The microswelling is amazing though, you’re so right about that! But yea, psychologically, dealing with acne scars has been dreadful for me too. Keeping in mind how much worse it could be helps me. Also, I’ve had to be conscious of how many times I am looking in the mirror, and stop taking all these skin selfies. Hope you feel better! Feel free to message if you ever need support! <3
  9. okmichelle

    Rolling/Boxcar scars, 31yo female

    I don't think a little microneedling is going to make anything worse. You've done it before and had good results, right? Having minor scarring, and being very cautious like you, I'm only having it done professionally and only on the scars. It hasn't made anything worse for me. I used to think I wanted it everywhere to try to reduce pore size. F that. I'm too scared of creating more problems now that I've read so many mixed reviews on Real Self. Your skin is really beautiful so I just suggest do
  10. okmichelle

    Subcision/cross progress - before/after

    I don't have next step ideas for you, but just wanted to congratulate you on your progress. It must be hard on many levels to go through all these treatments, but they have very much improved your skin. Thanks so much for updating us all.
  11. Cortisone shots have been known to lead to atrophy. I regret cortisone shots. However, I've learned here that my cysts probably would have scarred no matter what. If she does get one, please ask the doctor about the risk of atrophy and if they can only inject a very small amount. Atrophy comes from over-injection. How long until she can get to her regular dermatologist?
  12. okmichelle

    My acne/scar story. Need to talk

    I am a yoga instructor and sadly, it’s never done anything for my skin. I needed medication. Scarring can always get worse so I urge you to take action now. Best wishes to you.
  13. Thanks for your updates! It’s awesome you have been able to see Dr. Lim and have achieved noticeable results. I think your skin will continue to get better and better. Mental: I’m sorry to hear this is giving you so much grief. Know you are not alone! If we’re not careful, our imperfections can become all we think about, and see in the mirror. Something to try is acting “as if”. (As if you had perfect skin). Here is a link about that: http://cogbtherapy.com/cbt-blog/2013/8/26/act-as-if I thi
  14. okmichelle

    My acne/scar story. Need to talk

    Hello in France! Sorry you’re dealing with this! It’s the worst. I commend you for living a healthy lifestyle, but most of us need medical attention. Due to its potential (and numerous) side effects, Accutane is known as the drug of last resort. However, dermatologists prescribe this drug when patients are beginning to scar. There are many different opinions online about the drug, but for me it was worth taking the course and knocking out my acne for good. By getting on the drug soon enough
  15. I'm not a TCA expert or anything but from what I have read and my own personal experience, I would do much lower percentage to start. You can always go over it again. I don't know why these doctors are so aggressive. I think it is very important to do your own research. I have a scar that a doctor gave me from a laser, so I don't trust doctors much anymore. Just make sure your scab stays on as long as humanly possible. Keep it moisturized, do not let water run on your face. Do not use a washc