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  1. I had no idea, and for 5 years I've been using the stronger "facial cleanser" for normal/oily skin. I will give the more sensitive "gentle skin cleanser" a try. Thanks!
  2. I've been using this product for a while and it definitely dries out my skin. Despite it being supposedly one of the mildest facial cleansers. I only use it at night when I'm taking a shower. In the morning, I'll wash with warm water. During the day, I'll notice my entire face can be dry. Including the T-zone and cheeks/chin. Is there a less drying alternative? I would rather not use face lotion, but if that is suggested, please recommend a relatively inexpensive and non-fragrant product.
  3. has anyone tried retin-a micro or tazorac with success? i've tried them ( on my nose) but they always make my nose red and flaky after 1 or 2 nights of use. perhaps i should consider applying it for one hour at a time? on the website of retin-a micro, they advise not to use it on the corner of your nose and mouth as these are sensitive areas. the problem is, the corner of my nose is where a large collection of these whiteheads are located!
  4. you can see the clogged pores with white-ish gunk. has anyone had success with retinoids? i just got some retin A micro and it really dries out my skin. how often should I use it? with moisturizer?
  5. ugghhh

    My Nose Scars

    these are scars on my nose
  6. ugghhh

    lespauldude's album

    pictures of scarring on nose and whiteheads in pores
  7. I enjoyed the honesty of this post. I have to say I agree too. These white little bumps (especially those on my nose) can be rid of once in a while but it is damn hard on the skin. I've tried A LOT of things.
  8. I feel that my skin is always taking forever to heal itself. I'm 20, each relatively healthy, and exercise not very often but I am always walking to class. Is there something that I can take or change nutrition-wise that can help? I am already trying fish oils but that hasn't done much for me.
  9. I felt obligated to let those of you that don't know already, that mandelic acid worked extremely well against the blackheads on my nose. I've had on my nose several large pores filled with greyish colored gunk for so many years. I've tried biore strips, AHA's, salicylic acid, and even clay masks (as a guy), and only this has worked. I used the Garden of Wisom sea serum 10% mandelic acid with no alcohol. Only after a week of applying once in the morning and once at night, ALL my pores look tight
  10. actually i'm not sure if it's either. It's white but it's open on the surface of my skin. It's like the gunk they get rid of on skinvac.com using the poregripper.
  11. I've been buying my stuff on drugstore.com for the past few years. "Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion" sells for $10.99. Is this expensive? Is there a cheaper place to get this or is there a cheaper lotion that is just as good?
  12. I have a lot of whiteheads that are on my nose. I have tried biore strips but those don't work too well for me. These whiteheads are deep in my skin. Is there some AHA lotion that can be used? how do you get rid of these?
  13. I was thinking about trying the skinvac poregripper but am still skeptical. Does it really do a good job taking out whiteheads like they show in the videos? I have a lot under my lower lip and also on my nose. I doubt they'll be able to get the ones off my nose. I've tried Biore strips on my nose and that didn't really work out either. Is there a way to proactively fight against whiteheads from forming in the first place? perhaps use AHAs? Thanks