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  1. So I went to a cosmetic derm. today who prescribed me Retin-A .025% cream, along with Benzamycin. Now I've never used Retin-A before and have heard both positive and negative reviews about it. I also heard that there is a major comedogenic ingredient in the cream (which is what she prescribed) and now I'm so afraid to use it. So questions... Has anyone used both the cream and gel before and can compare the difference? Also, which worked best for you? Is .025% a good strength to start wit
  2. How do you like the Retisol-A? Dr. Pon prescribed 0.02% for me but I haven't tried it yet. She also gave me a referral to see Dr. Bargman for my ice pick scarring...he does TCA Cross....but have heard some not so good stories about him too.
  3. Can someone explain the differences between these 2 products? From what I've read: Acnederm - 20% azelaic acid Finacea - 15% azelaic acid Which is offered in Canada by prescription? I also heard that the ingredients in Acnederm are very comedogenic..is this true? Would Finacea be a better option? Any further info. would be appreciated. I really want to fade some stubborn dark red marks and I've heard that azelaic acid is great for this.
  4. A derm. recently prescribed Retisol-A .02% to me, as well...but haven't tried it yet. Does anyone here use it with good results?
  5. Anyone know if Fraxel is offered in Toronto, Canada? If so, where?
  6. Has anyone else had TCA Cross done by Dr. Bargman? If so, how did it go? Another derm. referred me to him but I'm just really scared of this procedure and also resding this thread about him.
  7. Does it seem as if your skin texture is improving at all? Do pores look more refined? Red marks lighten up?
  8. So I had my consultation today with Dr. Kucy Pon at Sunnybrook Hospital. I guess it went ok but I wasn't entirely satisfied. When they brought me into the examination room, another doctor (a resident) came in and asked me a bunch of questions about my skin. He then said he would speak to Dr. Pon and both of them would return and give me what options they think would help me. Dr. Pon comes in and she's really sweet. She didn't ask a lot of questions, maybe because her resident had filled her
  9. Has anyone in Canada been prescribed this before? How were the results? Is this just as harsh as Retin A? I was prescibed .02% today by a derm.
  10. Well, I went ahead and made an appt. with Dr. Kucy Pon at Sunnybrook Hospital on July 24th. http://www.drkucypon.com/ You do need a referral to see her, and they need to mail or fax the referral to the hospital. I REALLY hope she can help me...wish me luck!
  11. Has anyone heard of or been to see Dr. Kucy Pon? I'ver seen her on TV quite a few times.
  12. Who are you referring to? Dr. Kellett? What type of scarring do you have?
  13. So now Dr. Kellett has her own clinic... http://dlkonavenue.com/ Has anyone been to see her, or considering it?
  14. An old thread I wanted to bumpup again. Anymore experiences with Toronto derms./surgeons that anyone wants to share?