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  1. Week 16 (December 13th, 2018) It's been a good week! With the exception of the cyst, which is healing, I got in week 15, I currently have no actives. Week 15 offered a crucial lesson that I will live by: isotretinoin will reduce the likelihood of breakouts especially as I am several months but will not make me immune to them so make an effort to avoid triggers such as high GI foods such as dessert and dairy. My dose is still the same at 30mg/day and fingers crossed, it is an uphill from her
  2. Week 15 (December 6th, 2018) Truly, roaccutane is a journey isn't it. Everything seemed to go uphill in a good way from the last week but I partially relapsed. Another cyst developed but on my left cheek and I haven't gotten a cystic pimple in that area for more than 4 months, even before consuming isotretinoin. I am both surprised and not surprised that it occurred. I'm surprised that I developed a cyst here of all places but also not surprised given how I was eating for a few days prior.
  3. Week 13 (November 22nd, 2018) This week marks the end of my 3rd month on isotretinoin! In the thick of it, time seemed to pass too slowly as I was looking for improvements on a daily basis; trust me this is not the right mentality to have since being on this drug is truly a journey more than a short-term thing. Both jawline areas, chin, nose, forehead, and basically the entirety of the left side of my face are clear! The only problem area I have is my right cheek, right around the cheek bon
  4. Yup couldnt agree more! Out of my own fault, i forgot to bring my prescribed medication abroad which means I will not be taking the drug for around two weeks. Accutane has yet to formally enter the market here so most people even with prescriptions purchase the drug online. Just fyi but I appreciate the concern!
  5. Hi guys, So I did the dumb thing of traveling without my prescribed pills so decided to buy some roaccutane online. The seller is purpotedly selling authentic pills which are manufactures in Turkey. The pill themselves are half white and half light brown but comparing them to my prescribed pills, they seem legit. The box also came with the typical pamphlet. The only doubt I have is from the packaging so can anyone take a look at the pictures and tell my your thoughts?
  6. Week 12 (November 15, 2018) It's already week 12, so almost 3 months into isotretinoin! I've continued the 30mg/day doage with no exacerbated side-effects in any way whatsoever other than that mild IB 2 weeks back. My face virtually has 0 actives and I am extremely grateful with the progress thus far. I've changed the products I use which makes it feel as though my face is actually normal and not dry. So here's my routine: Cleanser: Gentle pH cleanser Toner: Thayer's Witch Hazel Rose Serum:
  7. If it offers you any consolation, I had an almost identical experience albeit on a lower dose. I realized that a month in, I thought I had become "immune" to acne due to the drug and began indulging in food/lifestyle habits I normally refrained from due to how it would affect my skin. Surprise, surprise, it still did. Second, and I'm sure you realized from other posts and logs but accutane generally relies on a long-term timeline compared to other treatment modalities and literally each individu
  8. Week 11 (November 8, 2018) It's week 11 on isotretinoin today. I've continued the dosage increase of 30mg/day with no side-effects. As I thought, the small breakout last week was most likely due to this increase given my track record: in the previous times I've increased my dosage, I would breakout literally the next day but that would be it. In general, I'm quite happy with my progress! Progress is truly slow and steady but I know for a fact that given my lifestyle and habits, my face would ha
  9. Week 10 (November 1, 2018) So it's already week on isotretinoin. I've heard that your time on this medication is truly a journey with its fair share of ups and downs and I can definitely say that for me, that is the case. Starting from October 28th, I have increased my dose to 30mg/day given how much I weigh and how the rate of progress was lately. 20mg/day was good to "maintain" but personally, I wanted more noticeable outcomes of the medication. As expected, increasing the dosage caused a bre
  10. Intro (August 23rd, 2018) So, after scouring different forums regarding acne, acne treatments, and isotretinoin, I came upon the executive decision to start on isotretinoin. By no means is my acne categorized as “severe” and by no means am I considered the “worst” case of acne. If self-diagnosis was reputable, I would categorize my acne as "moderate." Yet, compounded by stress from college, the length with which I've struggled with this issue (currently 21 M and had acne since 14), and a brief