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  1. For some reason she didn't think a subcision would help the nasal fold area, so she didn't do one there. She only did a subcision on the scar under my eye. The nasal fold area just has some filler in it and that's all. I'm going to talk to her again and see if she can do something else about it.
  2. Here's an update as of today. I went back to the dermatologist for the first time in months and she did a subcision on the scar under my eye, which is why it looks sorta bruised in the picture. As for the nasalfold region all she did was put a little bit of filler in there, but it still seems to be looking a little strange... I'm not sure if the skin itself is scarred in the fold region or if it's due to atrophy or swelling of some sort.
  3. Here is a picture today of the area. Nasal fold region still seems to be very visible, it wasn't this visible prior to the surgery. Here is my left side for contrast: @Obi wan What do you think? Should I continue waiting it out? What should I ask the derm for? I feel like I could get her to compensate me with a free subcision or laser treatment etc, so let me know what you think the best way to proceed would be. Thanks.
  4. Thank you sir, I didn't end up scheduling anything as I figured it was still swollen, but you confirmed what I was wondering. I will post another update in a month or so. Thanks again!
  5. Here is an update about 4 weeks after my last. My concerns at the moment are that the nasalfold region is still swollen and creates a noticeable line compared to my other side. It's not that noticeable in this picture but in certain lighting it is. Is it possible that there is still swelling and that it will go down more? Or maybe that there is still filler in there which is what is causing it to be a little swollen? I am going to schedule a meeting with the dermatologist in a week or so.
  6. I am curious to know what you guys think on this: is it possible that the edema from the occlusion leads to adipose atrophy much like what happens when you get a cyst? I.e will the skin sink down in the area it was inflamed in? like what happened with the rolling scars that I was initially trying to treat
  7. Here is an updated picture of the area 1 day after my hyalase injection. Still a little swollen and bruised but it looks far better than it did yesterday. @Obi wan You said that I will experience reactive hyperaemia, is that for sure? When does that usually happen? Is it just a persistent redness that stays even after the bruising disappears? I will talk to my dermatologist about this. Thanks for the response again.
  8. That is a very good write-up from Dr Steven Weiner. The one thing I did immediately notice on the Friday when I had the fillers done is that a section of my skin was colourless (white).. I just assumed it was because she went under that area when she did subcision. But it turns out that is the telltale sign of arterial obstruction (along with all of the little white pimples surrounding the area). The day after is when it bruised and swelled immensely. I wonder if the pressure eventually forced s
  9. Here is a picture of the area a couple hours after receiving hyalase injections. The swelling has gone down substantially. Do you guys think there will be any permanent damage from this?
  10. @beautifulambition @Obi wan Thank you for your replies. I figured something was not right. I am going to the clinic at 2PM to get it treated. When they inject hyalase into the arterial area will it dissolve filler in the other parts of my face too? Also, just out of curiosity, how come you are certain that I will not go blind? Is it because the arteries that connect to the eye are deeper than this one? Edit: I went to the clinic and the Doctor injected hyalase and explained what happened
  11. Hi guys I went through with the surgery. I am going to upload some pictures of the progress. I am worried that one of the areas is infected though and it's a holiday weekend so nothing is open at the moment. Can anyone let me know what they think? Immediately after the subcision: Here is the area I am concerned about after 2 days. The thing that concerns me is the white pimples that are surrounding the area, there are 3 of them on day 2 and more on day 3: Here is day 3 (today):
  12. Thank you for the responses. I am going to get a consultation tomorrow for a subcision. On the phone the lady told me that a subcision would be ~$800 and filler (hyaluronic acid) would be another ~700. Do these prices sound right? I am in Canada. Also what would be better: 2x treatments of subcision without filler ($1600) OR 1x treatment of subcision with filler ($1500)
  13. Both of these scars are from cysts. They are very noticeable when light hits from certain angles because they are sunken spots on my skin. Are they rolling scars? Will TCA Cross method work on these scars? Or are these the type of scars that I will have to do subcision + filler to see results with? I am hesitant to go the subcision route because it costs a couple thousand in my area. If there is any hope to treat them at home I would be open to ideas. Currently I've been doing: TCA Peels o