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  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate the reply. I hope I won't be the among the unlucky 10%. It's just messing with my head a little because of all the negative comments on the website. Some people say stuff like 'Dry skin, nosebleeds and acne clearance are effects of accutane. After the course, your dry skin and nosebleeds are reversed, what makes you think acne clearance is so special that it won't be reversed too?' Which kinda makes some sense. Anyway, I'll try to be optimistic. I'm 100% clear now so
  2. Hi Tommy, I've been reading your log for some time and I really admire your optimism since you started taking accutane. I'm on accutane too, but a low dose one. I'm just wondering, how is it that you are so confident that acne won't ever come back after your accutane course? I'm not saying this to discourage or jinx you; it's just that there are so many posts in the forum about acne relapses after accutane, that I can't help but think it'll happen to me too. However, you're so confident of acne
  3. I don't think there is any reason why you can't use a retinoid immediately after ceasing accutane. I am on low dose accutane (10mg per day) and I am using retin-a concurrently. Nevertheless, since you haven't started accutane, you'll see your derm again, so you'll have a few months to direct your question to him/her. Also, just for future reference, I think retinoids have to be stopped 2 weeks before a peel because of the way it thins your epidermal layer. So just to be safe, ask your derm abou
  4. I agree with what the OP said, but I have another point to add. Acne frustrates me because even though you see the 'enemy' (the spots), you cannot do anything to it directly. If you fiddle with it or squeeze it, there's a chance it will make things worse and leave scars. You are forced to do nothing and wait for it to heal on its own terms. The lack on control leads to frustration.
  5. From that picture, I think your skin looks very clear. There is no sign of redness, blackheads, whiteheads or any bumps in general. I don't think I can be very wrong about that because your picture can be expanded to a very large view. For a guy, I think your skin looks excellent. Since we are genetically prone to have larger pores, you cannot really expect your skin to be poreless and smooth like a girl's, because that can't happen and just wouldn't look right. I don't think you have any acne
  6. I used emu oil for 3 weeks and it didn't work out very well for me. It is a terrific moisturizer, definitely, but it worsened my acne too. My acne was somewhat stable after years of using differin, but when I started using emu oil, I noticed that my zits started occurring more frequently and with more inflammatory types. It did not reduce my redness as well. So I stopped using it after 3 weeks. I hope you guys have better luck with it.
  7. I have this problem of unintentionally scratching my face during sleep. I believe it is because tretinoin makes my skin itch during sleep. In my case, it went away after 2 weeks of using it. For me, applying it about 1 to 2 hours before I actually go to bed means I am awake during the stage where it is the most itchy, so the chances of scratching when I'm alseep is lower. If your skin is dry and itchy, applying some moisturiser after using tretinoin will sooth the itchiness. I originally planne
  8. Hi I have complied a list of results which summarises the effectiveness of Aczone, Differin 0.1% gel, Retin-A micro 0.1% and 0.04% and Tazorac 0.1% gel based on clinical trials. These clinical trials are the ones done by the companies themselves and can be found on their websites and/or package inserts. It's quite technical, with a lot of numbers, but I feel it can be useful. If you are in a rush, just read the bold sentences. 1. Aczone: Trial 1: Treatment group 48% Placebo group 42% D
  9. I feel that it can be due to the process of getting older. As a general rule, when people were younger, pimples healed fast and didn't leave red marks for long, but now the process is much slower. Also, if you have the habit of picking or squeezing the deep ones, a successful attempt usually leads to faster resolution, but if it was a failed attempt that led to more inflammation, then the spot will last longer. I am not trying to be offensive here, but if your acne lasts longer, it could also m
  10. Please check the expiry date on your fish oil. If it has expired, the fish oil will have turned rancid and could have upset your stomach. It happened to me once, but it might not be in your case since you just bought it from the shop.
  11. It takes some time to get used to retin-a. Some people can use it in conjunction with anything without irritation while some people will always suffer from irritation. There are a few tips you could use to minimize the irritation. 1. Use a very thin layer of retin-a and start off with every alternate night 2. Wait for at least 30 minutes after you cleanse and tone your face before using retin-a 3. Change your cleanser and toner to gentle and non alcohol-based type 4. Pat your skin dry, no rubbi
  12. I empathise with your situation and I think it is great that you are eating healthy because regardless of whether it helps your acne or not, it's still good for your body. It's remarkable that you have the discipline that many of us lack. If you think about the situation from your father's point of view, you will see that he too wants your acne healed, the only thing is that he sees conventional medicine as the way to go and your method as ineffective. He's only giving you the advice he thinks
  13. I'm glad to hear that you are having good progress with Obagi. I believe it is a very well respected brand and I've heard good reviews about it, even though I didn't really think about trying it due to the high price. A common trend I've heard about Obagi is that even though it really transforms your skin into one that is more even-toned, refined and radiant, it also makes it more fragile and sensitive. Consistent maintenance with Obagi products is necessary to maintain the effects. Some peopl
  14. I read in the drug leaflet that accutane has a half-life of 90 hours in the body, meaning that its concentration in the blood is halved after nearly four days. It won't be cleared out of your system entirely within that period.
  15. There are a few pros and cons when using low-dose accutane. Pros: 1. Side effects including photosensitivity, IB and dry lips are not as severe 2. Chances of blood abnormalities are low (my doctor doesn't think it's necessary to have a blood test on these doses) 3. While people on a standard dose takes six months to reach the cummulative dose, you will probably take two years. This means that if you happen to be one of the people prone to relapse post-accutane, taking low dose for 2 years means
  16. My doctor used Bactrim in combination with low dose accutane (10 mg 3x/week) at the start, which worked wonderfully. It was quite a large dose of Bactrim (500mg/day) which resulted in a few small itchy red bumps on various parts of my body, but that resolved 2 weeks after I discontinued Bactrim. Two weeks after I was off it, I had a minor relapse but accutane did its job and after a week or two it became normal again. Nonetheless, results are more consistent with the combination therapy than wit
  17. I think that it is unfair that your derm has not addressed your concerns mameha, which are very real. While accutane is proven to be a relatively safe drug, it is within your rights to not take the risks involved, and it is your derm's duty to inform you of all risks, regardless of how rare they are so that you can take them into account. I feel for the people who suffered from the rare side effects of accutane. It is very unfortunate, and I feel that you have the right to be angry if you did n
  18. It's really refreshing to be in a accutane log where I don't feel any need to reach out through the screen, pat the person's head and say to them 'It's ok, you're going through a hard time but everything will be over soon.' It's nice to see that you are managing a tough period with such humour and positive outlook. Despite being in the same, or worse, situation with so many people, I think your experience of it will be a much more pleasant one. Besides just saying hi, there is another reason w
  19. I am on a low dose accutane treatment (30mg/week) and was planning to use it for as long as necessary at 10mg/week. The reason is that I believed it will not as harmful because it will take me a long time to reach the cummulative dosage of 1 standard course. However, this is what I found online... Retinoid hyperostosis is age dependent in that it increases with age, with or without retinoid therapy. It has been observed with naturally occurring vitamin A compounds and with the drugs isotretinoi
  20. I understand where you are coming from. If I were in your shoes I would be desperate for anything that would help and I feel that your choice is understandable. I wish you all the best. To be fair, I am not a doctor so I do not know how much low dose prednisone compromises your immune system. It may not be significant, so please don't feel like by taking it, you are choosing clear skin over your health. Many of us took a similar plunge when we decided to take accutane. To the rest of my friends
  21. I'm not sure if you guys know about this, but prednisone is a form of steriod. It basically reduces acne by weakening your immune system, and hence the inflammatory process of acne. It is a very potent drug that has many side effects including osteoporosis, general weakening of the body tissues especially skin, muscle and tendon, increased appetite, weight gain, bloating of face, and more importantly, a weakened immune system. I am a physiotherapy student who once worked with people with chroni
  22. Wow.. reading about all the breakout cases from jojoba oil made me realise that information from internet websites have very little reliability. Even websites on natural methods suggest using jojoba oil because it is similar in composition to human sebum... Even so, it seems like it is a major breakout culprit.
  23. Hey ariellestar If you are in such great pain, perhaps you should consider taking the antacids. The reason why you are in such great pain is because the acids in your digestive juices are irritating the ulcers. The antacids can neutralise the acid and reduce the irritation and pain. I know alot of people, including myself, believe in allowing the body to heal itself without the use of western medicine. But even a staunch naturopath will not disapprove of western medicine in medical emergencies
  24. This issue has been debated between the medical community and the 'little people' for a long time. Until now there has not been any iron-clad evidence on both sides. So while both sides argue passionately, it does not make their beliefs fact. The medical community has always refuted the link between food and acne. It's something that they are fond of repeating. But what did they base that on? If you check the evidence, there are barely any clinical trials, and even if there are, they are pretty
  25. The diet he advocates is quite hard to follow. I tried the 3 day one but gave up on the last day. It's very restrictive, low in calories and is probably more suitable for people who are rich and don't have to prepare meals themselves. It might have worked, but I guess I was discouraged when I saw 2 zits appearing on the second day. Plus, after two days of salmon as my main calorie source, it's hard to stomach anymore of it. I know of someone who went on that diet and it worked for her even th