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  1. Kelsie - I was hoping you could let me know about your experience with UT? I'm trying it now (although I'm just applying it, not drinking) and I'd like to get your opinion and know what worked for you. You said you had difficulty storing - What problems did you have? I'd really like to hear back from you!

  2. I was doing this for a while at the beginning of summer. I loved it, but then I got the flu and couldn't take the cold showers and then I just kind of didn't start again after I was better. I think I will restart. I felt so refreshed whenever I did it
  3. I love the green smoothies and love the energy I get from them but I'm having trouble keeping up with drinking them everyday.... I've got to get some sort of a solid routine going I guess
  4. I don't use my juicer much either. It's reeeeeeeally old and it's just a pain to clean and stuff. But I loooooove fresh fruit juice...
  5. oooh I've been meaning to ask on here whether or not this was worth buying. Unfortunately none of the book stores near me sell it so I'll have to buy it online and amazon always takes sooooo long to get books up to me in bc.
  6. MMM I made a very delish smoothie today. handful of parsley handful of spinach small handful of fresh mint leaves half an apple half cup of berries ground flax water 2 oz of zija I'm in love with mint. No matter what you put in the smoothie it seems to cover up any bitter taste. It's sooo sweet. If anyone's having issues with the taste try some fresh mint leaves!!
  7. I'm not sure if someone already said this but I have a really cheap blender ($25) and all I do to make it really smooth is to let it blend for a looooooong time. I stick all my stuff in and then turn it on and go do something for ten minutes or so and it's always perfect. Good luck!
  8. Well I'm glad for you that it's working. But I would still never try it. Just like you probably wouldn't ever try pee. No point trying to convince each other. I honestly don't know why people feel the need to say something rude or negative about it. It's almost as though it actually makes them mad that we're trying something that they can't wrap their heads around. Thanks for sticking up for us, lol. :)
  9. No thanks.... Urine has absolutely NO side effects. Can you say the same about accutane? :)
  10. You're supposed to abstain from meat for a few days before hand. While on the actual fast I think you're to drink urine all day up until about six. You're only supposed to drink fresh urine so drink it as you pass it. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated with water as well. When coming off the fast keep it light (homemade veggie broth) and work your way back up to fulls meals. I haven't tried one yet this is just the jist of what it says in my book. Are you going to be trying it any time
  11. its best to use your morning urine because the evening urine has more excess hormones in it, or so I read. I don't keep mine on all day I just wake up and wash my face and then do my pee thing and then go and have a tea and when I'm done I hop in the shower and just rinse face with water and shower as usual. Doesn't take up much more time. I have to have a shower everyday though so I'm not sure what you do. I do use mine in the evening as well, but I read that morning is best so if you're just d
  12. 10 to 15 tops. Unless I'm going to something fancy and then I spend more time on my eyes...