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  1. hey..you havent been on lately. How are things? Are you on a new dose?

  2. Definitely clear skin!! Get my life back. Simple. Money can not buy happiness, with clear skin i would have my confidence back, social life!
  3. Yes.. Learnt to be independent. Learnt to not rely on guys to make me feel special. Learnt who my real friends are - who rings to see how i am going with accutane and who will just have dinner and coffee etc cos they understand i am feeling uncomfortable at the moment about going out.. Learnt how important family is - always knew but didnt reliese how much they are everything! my parents, sisters have been there for me constantly especially my mum. Reliesed who does judge you for the way you lo
  4. i can relate with you alot and its the worst feeling ever. im currently on roaccutane and my skin is not good at all :( i avoid parties, any big social event everything with mates lately... but your good friends wont care about your acne or scars. - they like u for u. u have to get out, u will feel heaps beta.. i dont go out out yet again as to clubs or anything but i have started to make more of an effort and not let acne totally change my life / rule my life. i have explained to my close mates
  5. good...i go back to the derm tuesday! i'm not too happy with my skin either...i have tons of little clogged pores that have sufaced on my jaw line..but no major breakout..let me now what ur dosage is going to be when u find out...<3

  6. morning, umm.. im ok not happy with skin but getting beta. going back to dermo tomorrow hopefully he will upmy dosage. few other issues going on in my life thats y finding it hard prob cos just want clear skin now!! how r u

  7. how are you doin?

  8. i feel exactly the same. its fukt. my social life is getting ruined cos of my acne. no1 understands how i feel though. i used to have clear skin until 6mths ago!!!!!! and now i am on accutane and i look terrible. i have to make up excuses all the time cos i cant face any1. for example i have a party i am supposed to go to tonight and cos im so paranoid about my skin im not going cos every1 i havent seen in 6mths will be there! and i look different i just couldnt handle it :cry: i would feel
  9. Sorry its been awhile since i commented back..i didnt want to genks myself..but my skin is VERY red, lips are DRY and my skin is good...is your IB over yet?

  10. i know how u feel.. i have only been on accutance for 20days around and i already i feel my skin is getting that old look. just my smile lines on my cheeks.. its so annoying!! i hope its only temporary cos the dryness of my skin. ( my initial breakout is very hard and its very very difficult - i knew this may happen but f**k nothing prepares u for your skin to get worse. it has wrecked my social life etc i just have no self esteem its a nightmare
  11. hey on 17th day and my skin is terrible its red and i have new pimples it sux so so so bad. been crying all this afternoon and then had to come to work. f**k f**k. i just look at everyone else with clear skin and wish it was me. how r u

  12. i'm from California,USA! my face is really red too and i'm just waiting to breakout...plus that time of month is next week and i have been breaking out real bad the week before so...i think im screwed either way..lol..what day are you on now?

  13. woke up this morning and skin has gone down not so red. so very pleased! im just glad i am a girl so i can wear makeup to work i dont think i would cope going to work otherwise. im the same how funny my friends are like its not that bad but to me it is its killing my confidence.. and if the dermo said i could then it must be bad enough! hope everything goes ok for u chat soon x

  14. i use to have crystal clear skin too..and although i have mild/moderate acne..its very persistant..many dont understand why i'm on such a powerful drug..but i cant take my face looking like this...your probably goin through your inital breakout..everyone says you cant get one from 20mg but i know people who have gotten it from 10mg..everyone is diff...to me i feel like OMG!! this is ne

  15. my last comment didnt work for some reason... i have been crying to did all saturday night just want my skin back to being clear. i hate this i think why me its so annoying. where are u from??