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  1. No, that's not how Dr. Sire does it, but I don't see the difference. I think that approach would have the same effect if not a better effect. My experience was saline injections need to be done a lot of times and they don't replace more aggressive treatments.
  2. Virgo, ALL of my scars except 2 were the result of over correction with Kenalog injections. They have all been around for many years. The oldest is probably 16 years old and the newest is probably 7 years old. These guys don't correct themselves. Sorry. Although I have heard that sometimes they do and certainly I have had many more injections than I have dents left behind so it's possible that some did correct themselves but I don't have any specific memory of one being there that then lat
  3. Hi Violet,

    I would like to know how is your scar now after the saline injeciton did you get any permanent improvement please let me know :) i will appreciate it! have a nice day!

  4. Does anyone know how often the 1.5mm roller is meant to be used? I use the .75 nightly and am completely healed by the next morning.
  5. Oh girl, I feel you on this one. I'm not going to lie, this part is hard. I think the trick is to find someone who you really feel a click with on the phone. Get comfortable with him before you reveal your soft underbelly. And I have found great comfort in being masterful with applying makeup. I think it is a great confidence booster and confidence is the most attractive thing in another person. I use Smashbox Photo Finish primer and then to my whole face I apply Estee Lauder cover up, (th
  6. Tazorac will not get rid of scars the depth of yours. Fraxel is your best bet. Smoothbeam is also useless. I've tried all of them and my scars were not as deep as yours and Fraxel is the only thing that's done them any good. Hope that helps. Wouldn't want you to waste time and money. Although I do think you could get a better deal that $1500 on them. Or if you pay that much make sure you're getting a great doctor who will show you his/her before and after photos.
  7. Search these boards and find out what other people with Asian skin are experiencing with scar revision procedures. CO2 is very, very likely to cause hypopigmentation and it would not completely irradicate your scars. You may also look into fillers since your scars seem to be quite isolated. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT RESEARCHING IT THOROUGHLY!!! You're going to have to read these boards and take your time doing your homework. Do not leave the fate of your skin in the hands of just this on
  8. Hey Nikole, I relate too! I've had ALL your fears and the scars to back them up. I think Billyboy gave good advice. I'll also add that you can find that doctor on these boards by spending the time to do searches. Posting Threads to ask who's good doesn't seem to yeild many replies. Research treatments, look at photos, find people who's scars look like yours and pm them, and the very best way to get help from this board is to POST YOUR PICS and ask for help that way. Thats' what gets the mo
  9. My scars are practically all from cortisone injections. I hadn't read the articles you did but I did have saline injections. Many treatments, and the only dents that the saline got totally rid of were the ones that were brand new. My scars were over 5 years old when I started getting them injected. Was there any mention of how old the dents could be to see improvement? Because for me it was a deciding factor. I did think I got improvement from Saline injections but not nearly as much as I
  10. I have had both and think that there is really no comparison as far as effectiveness goes. Fraxel works miracles making acne scars shallower and smoother and Smoothbeam does nothing for scars but is great for spot treating nodular cysts by bringing them to the surface so you can safely drain them before scarring sets in.
  11. Don't forget that lighting is a miracle worker. I get more extreme makeover from the right lighting than from all of the scar treatments I've had combined. On TV they are experts at beauty lighting. Seriously, those lights make everyone's skin look flawless.
  12. My question: How long on average does the 'noticeable to others' redness stay at 40 mjs?
  13. Marty at Dr. Horrowitz's office in Torrence is very nice and less expensive than Dr Fitzpatrick. She's also very caring...not sure if she has the Fraxel 2 though.