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  1. Yes I had the exact same problem while I was on accutane.. Stop or it will get worse.. Espacially if you only have a week left
  2. Toleriane is the one you want to use. Ive been using it for about two months now, its great.
  3. Hahaha I know, Ive seen quite a few posts people saying they were scared.. Theres nothing to be scared about. I was like that a couple of months ago because I was reading things like Ohhh my brother used to take Accutane and one day he broke a rib and it went right threw his heart and he died loll Well Ive just started my third month at 40mg a pop.( she told me anything below 30mg is a wast of time, dunno thats what she told me) She gave me four months. She told me to come by and see her after
  4. Hey Im not sure this is the right place but if its not please mod change it to the right section or whatever. Anyways I just wanted to show you some pictures of myself to maybe encourage you to go ahead and not be scared of asking for Accutane. I myself was scared has crap of all the side and all the other *myths*. The only real bad stuff I got was some redness under the arms and around the lips, nothing moisturizer cant handle... Now I dont have before pics so I cant really show you what I look
  5. Hey im on month four.. I was wondering what happens if I go tan? Id like to go tan like for 5 or 10 minutes just to get rid of those red marks left behind.. Has someone ever tried it? Thanks!!
  6. Thanks guy, ive been using eucerin calming cream but it aint doing crap. But im only seeing the derm in about two week, thats why I was wondering if there would be anything in pharmacies that could help.
  7. Hey everyone ive been on Accutane for the past 2 weeks and ive start to notice my face getting more and ore red with each passing day so I was wondering if anyone could tell me something that would fix that, something not to hard to find in phramacies. Thanks!
  8. Hey! An other Canadian in the house. I was just passing by and wanted to wish you good luck man. I started Accutane 4 days ago, cost nothing because Im a student. We live in the greatest freakin country !!! Anyways Good luck dude.
  9. Hey dude, just passing by to tell you good luck and I hope its work for you. Im also going to be 18 on the 24th of january and going to get a prescripton of accutane for also my mild persistant acne on the 7th of febuary so Im really hoping its going to work for you so it will give me something to be exited about. Anyways keep us updated!