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  1. no no... those are cloth tapes specially for skin.. you can get them at drug stores... for wounds and stuff... put them on at night with antibiotics underneath... it keep you from touching them and make sure the medication dont get rubbed off... you can take them off in the morning
  2. active ingredients in sunscreens like zinc oxide or titanium oxide can cause irritation to many people...
  3. i have found this recipe for vinegar toners on a website (sorry lost the website). i have been using it for a couple of day and every morning when i wake up my skin gets brighter and smoother. Heat 1 cup of distilled water until boiling. remove from heat and add one heaping teaspoon of dried green tea leaves. steep for 15 min and strain out the leaves. add one table spoon of aloe vera gel and 3 tea spoon of apple cidar vinegar and 3 tea spoon of lemon juice. stir well and keep it in the fridg
  4. why do you put cloth on your face? dont try rubbing or scrubbing your face.. even with wash clothes... i always get huge azz zit that are extremely inflammed right between my eyebrows making me looking like an Indian... its just so embarrassing.. but i have learn to deal with them quickly once i see one thats gonna start growing... i put steroid antibiotics and then cover it with a cloth tape....i use lot of antibiotic to cover the zit so the tape doesnt stick to the zit directly... the tape sor
  5. if you can get some topical antibiotics... or try using diluted vinegar as toner.... vinegar kills bacsteria... and dont ever touch it with your fingers ever again.
  6. will the regimen work for blackheads and non-acne bumps that are caused by clogged pores (they can potentially turn into acne if inflammed)?
  7. the thing about antibiotics is that you HAVE TO follow the instruction EXACTLY and religiously.... problem with many people is that they stop using it once the acne has cleared up but there are still bacterias that are not killed and they overtime develope immunity again the antibiotic. antibiotics are not meant to be used forever but if you carefully follow the instruction it really works. and its really not all that bad.... people say it casuses cancer, mutations and all sorts of stuff but rea
  8. if clumping up is the problem then maybe you can put the moisturizer on a cottonball and then very gently spread it on your face. since your finger might be applying too much pressure and mixing bp and the moisturizer together. using a cottonball to apply moisturizer will simply spread the moisturizer as a coat on top of bp. i personally dont like putting sunscreen on my face at night... doesnt sound too good.. i know many people say its ok.. but chemicals in sunscreen like zinc oxide can actual
  9. the amount of bp required to clear up breakouts may vary from people to people... some people think 10% works better whereas some only need 2%. eventho astringins help remove deadskin cells and dirt that clog your pores it can be drying which may have further contribute to the flakiness you are experiencing. really.. you shouldnt be wiping astringin more than once on your face. you may need a toner that simply adds water to your face (drench the cotton pads with toner and simply pad the toner in
  10. i thought you are not suppose to use scrub AT ALL when you have acnes.... its a big no... it can scrape the new skin thats growing during healing process... instead why not try something gentler... like an astrigen/toner... it gently removes dirt and deadskin cells without the harsh effect on your skin... i have tried clinque's clarifying lotion (its actually a toner) .. it really removes deadskin cells and dirt... everytime i use a cotton ball and wipe it on my face.. the cotton ball gets reall
  11. i know everyone says popping zits is the worst thing to do.. but i always get really big and inflammed pimples with hard oil chunks inside and when my pimple heals the oil chunks seem to be stuck underneath my skin and there's no way i can get rid of it other than open my skin and squeez it out. will our body digest the oil chunk automatically or will using bp on pimples help solve this problem?
  12. my derm put me on Differin and clindamycin but my skin got even more irritated and extremely sensitive that i have to eventually stop the medication. i dont really see much results from the Differin cream so i asked my derm about it and she said i am suppose to pop it which i doubt highly. the cream also give me more indents on my face. whats going wrong?
  13. has anyone try the Cellex-C fade away gel or Cellex C serum? i have done some research on it and it seems to have really good consumer reviews in terms of getting rid of sunspots and age spots, freckles and things like that. it didnt mention anything about red scars but some of the dermatologic websites i have visited also recommend using cellex-C fade away gel for acne scar treament.
  14. also, do you know if i can get the product somewhere witout purchasing online.... or is it safe to pay them through the website?
  15. i think i have been blessed with nice skin but unfortunately when i was a young i was a real tomboy and always fought with my cousin who happened to have long nails. and i like to scratch mosquito bites til i get scars and then i scratch the scars off. during my adolesence i never have any serious acne problems but i would always have one or two really really big and extremely inflammed pimple (its those red bumps with white and yellow heads, painful and swollen.. the worst kind to deal with) in