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  1. Yeah the oil is a good point, based on their website it looks like they use rice bran oil: https://chipotle.ca/ingredient-statement From some very cursory Googling this seems to be a healthier oil compared to more popular ones? But you're right though, generally oils don't do any good. I may start making my own lunches, it's just tough because I'm not great at cooking and I have minimal free time, even during the weekend, to meal prep for the week. So theoretically I can make my own Chipotle
  2. Hi everyone, so I've been trying to root out dietary causes of my longstanding acne/bacne and have gone dairy, gluten, and junk food free for a while in those efforts. I have seen some success which has been encouraging, although admittedly up and down. My question is for people's thoughts on Chipotle bowls. I basically eat Chipotle every day for lunch because it's the only spot nearby where I can reliably get non-dairy, gluten-free meals. I actually don't mind the repetition at all and my ini