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  1. ive read in a lot of studies that shallow atrophic scarring can respons very well to this kind of treatment mainly a 60% imporvement trend from what ive read, then i have also read a lot of sources that claim they only improve scars in general by around 25% i only have about 4-5 very shallow soft scars on my right cheek that are only really visible in some lighting, the scarred pores would be a bonus if they went but thats not my main area of concern, how well do you think i will respond, thanks
  2. when i spot treat with bp i usually get a blotch of darker coloured skin for a few days and then when i stop treating it it dies down after a few days
  3. no it exfoliates and removes skin from the epidermis which will essentially peel them off
  4. yeh a sweet little trick until you get an immense amount of sun damage to your skin and a high probability of getting malignant melanoma/skin cancer in later life, you should try using some low concentration peels to fade them instead, theres nothing wrong with a bit of sunlight on top of that but from what it sounds like you are way over exposing yourself to the sun
  5. You got some kind of budget to work with? and a time for recovery that you could stay of school for these facts would help
  6. This isn't scarring and you should use the correct forum in future, try the red marks forum for better answers
  7. i dont have any experience in treating this kind of scarring but by what you are describing it sounds like keloid/hypertrophic scarring; silicone sheets (OTC) or cortisone injections have been the only effective treatment for these though
  8. bump, does anyone think a chemical peel might help seen as they are not very deep ? i have also established that i have only soft scars not rolling scars
  9. I always thought steroid acne was from using anabolic steroids not topical steroids which only made you break out in papules/pustules anyway