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  1. @grandor how many months afterwards do u think they lasted? And did they fade completely? I don't think most people would notice because they just look like tiny pores but they really bother me because I was already fed up with the scars and now those just make them look worse
  2. I did an infini treatment about 4 months ago and everything healed up fine except one spot on my cheek left a grid appearance from the needles. It left a bunch of little tiny holes in the shape of square. The holes aren't deep and I don't believe they are scars so I don't know exactly what to classify them as. Has anyone else had this from infini? Will it go away or do I need to seek treatment to remove it? And is there any treatment that can remove it completely?
  3. @Raster the way I determine if pictures or videos of before and afters are fake or altered is by focusing on the pores around the area of the treatement. For example in that video In both the before and afters you can still clearly see her nose pores and they look exactly the same. This makes sense because they didn't treat her nose pores, so if the lighting was different those would disappear as well. Espically when he shows videos of ice pick scars improving he gets really close to their face
  4. I would think so as well, again I was just trying to provide some people with hope if theres a doctor getting better results then lets start posting about him. At the end of the day, theres not a cure for scars so the amount of improvement were gonna get is totally based on the doctors skill with the current methods we have.
  5. he has plenty of pictures in the same lighting that are hd and clear, I'm not here to endorse him I could give a shit honestly, hes just the only one posting stuff that actually makes me feel like I can improve my scars. If you guys can find any better pictures or videos then post those, its all about just giving us hope
  6. seems like Lim got a really good result here. I know people with scarring find it hard to find any hope because real results are few and far between. Hopefully this can give some people hope.
  7. I know I cant be the only one whos been on this journey to improve their scars and just find that pretty much every treatment just makes it worse or leaves it the same at the end of the day. Ive had infini, tca cross, lasers etc, and every treatment they always tell you it might look worse before it looks better and that it takes time to heal but I always take proper care of my skin and I eat the healthiest diet anyone can imagine and I just don't see it working. It doesn't make it any easier th