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  1. Hey Diana, i totally get how you feel and it’s so awful that you get fully bullied for your acne. I totally get how debilitating it is to have it, mine comes and goes but atm my face is full of little red pimples under my skin which cause a patch of red and I feel so ugly, I’ve just moved up to college now (uk) and my acne still has rn gone but I Ann only 16 so I don’t expect it to. I’d like to hear more from you if you’d like to chat I can give you my snapchat ? I’d really like someone who
  2. Of course and as soon as I display signs I shall stop using the drugs but for now they seem to keep the issue at bay and that’s all I can ask for since acne isn’t a highly curable thing. many thanks x
  3. 1.) Yes, Erythromycin (but they were prescribed) 2.) tiredness and brain fog but that’s explained because I have mental illnesses that have spiked recently. I have a relatively clear scalp so I guess not. I am pretty sure I haven’t got Fungal acne as it’s gotten better with the antibiotics. I think my acne is stress related as I had exams
  4. I have never ever related to a post as much as this. Well you see I have a generally big forehead which of course people loveeeeee to point out often comparing me to mega mind etc, but recently I’ve gotten acne, when I say recently I actually mean like 10 months ago, as soon as it got bad I went to go see a doctor which they prescribe the usual crap, and me obviously being a vulnerable teen, took the medication. I’ve taken many forms of cream and medication, I am now finally on oral a
  5. Here’s some images of my face so you can see it in artificial bright lights. my iPhone is old (6s) so it’s a bad quality so it seems like it’s not that bad but when I look in the mirror it does look awful and all blotchy. Do you guys think I have after acne scaring or permenant scaring? Just I’d like to know how long it’d take to go because it’s been here for a month now and my skin usually repairs fast. My mum says it’s just after scarring and will go in a few months
  6. It was with it for 3 months I stopped it bc my doctors said to after that time it left me with scars bc it has bp in it so now I’m on differin
  7. Hey, I have recently a few months ago gotten acne and I don’t know what to do because before all of this my face was clear except for one acne scar on my chin and that was it. I have now got acne even on my cheeks and I NEVER in my life have had it anywhere but my T zone. I really want help because now I’ve tackled the spots on my forehead and on my t zone I’ve gotten 4 new acne spots on my cheek which never had happened and idk why because I change my sheets regularly and I have been
  8. Your skin condition is great wowza and I’d suggest using rose oil as it seems to have left a scar. Practically most of my face is full of scars atm aha but my friend suggested rose oil it helped her but I’m going down the medical route for mine. Good luck
  9. I noticed a small pimple on my cheek and I put some clesrisil rapid action cream on it, later on that night it started itching and I woke up this morning to 5 little pimples on my cheek. I NEVER have had acne here before *touches wood* so I’m assuming It is a reaction so I hope it’ll go away after a while. But if any of you guys think it could be acne spreading to my cheeks pls mention ASAP by I’ll need to sort it bc I’m so scared of getting acne on my cheeks like it’s the scariest thing I could
  10. It does look like acne scars, I’m no professional though so I’d suggest going to your dermatologist again I have the same but on my forehead Good luck with your acne journey x
  11. Thankyou, I shall search it up and I don’t drink much milk related stuff and my diet is healthy (by NHS standards) so I shall see if there’s anything that will work and yeh I’ve stopped using the duac as it’s BP based.
  12. Hi, I’ve been using duac once daily for nearly 2 months now and tbh my face has gotten way worse I used to never get scars from previous acne and all of sudden I have these scars that look like they’re spots but they’re not which really makes me feel hopeless and sad because they arent and I’ve been told it takes up to a year for scar tissue to settle down and go back to its usual state.Ive even keeping a digital dairy to show my progress but it seems to get worse over time. The nurse did say it
  13. I have been using duac once daily gel which has a combination of antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide I’vebeen using for a month and I’ve honsth seen not many positive changes except for if I pop a spot then put it on once cleansed it will get rid of it but when I use it the way you should the spots on my forehead seem to be worse. Now all my spots are under the surface and ugh it’s a right mess. I’m still following through with the treatment because my doctor said if it doesn’t work I can try oral
  14. Hi, I’ve started using duac once daily after being prescribed it by a doctor and during the first five days helped me feel more confident as it seemed like I was working but then on day 10 I started breaking out more on my forehead and places I never have before idk why because I only put cream on the places I had broken out in. It’s Sunday and I have to go to school tomorrow and I’m dreading it truely. Everyones faces are clear or they can cover up their acne well and I can’t and I look
  15. Thank you, yes I understand I did use hot water for a long time then switched to cold because people requested I try it. So luke warm water it is a guess. I’m using Minimal products (I only use a wash and gel) to help my skin recover from using proactive which had harsh chemicals in.
  16. I don’t have very bad acne but I have scars too from whiteheads and little bumps under my skin which cause redness. My guess is that you have dark spots I don’t have that but I’ve heard that this helps: Apply a vitamin C mixture to the dark spots Put aspirin on the dark spots Use a cucumber to lighten the spots Apply vitamin E to the dark spots. Just choose one method that works the best don’t do them all in one. good luck xx
  17. THAnkyou yeh have eaten healthy all my life and no I don’t eat 5portions of fruit I have 7 recommended portions of fruit and veg as it says on the nhs website. yeh I feel sad all the time so i don’t go out a lot and I feel I should Thanks for the great advice. I never tried topical treatment bc I only have light acne that comes and goes on my forehead and I’ve been advised not to use harsh chemicals. Any tips or shall i just use cold water ?
  18. Hi, I understand what your going through. Its really hard to accept who you are when you look in the mirror and all you see is red bumps. We all have good features but acne/spots seems to take that away from us. I felt exactly like you and it’s so nice to see you’ve come to some sort of peace with your acne. people always tell me I should be happy that I haven’t got very bad acne/spots but all I feel is self hatred. Hearing that you have come to terms with your acne makes me feel like I sho
  19. The worst thing anyone’s ever said to me is: ”why is your skin so red and bumpy?” “you need to give your face a good scrub” - my personal favourite is when my so called friends compared my face to Braille they called me “isabraille” - i guess some people will never understand the struggles
  20. So here’s the history of my skin : when I moved up to secondary school my skin was clear all through year 7&8. I started my period in y7 so I expected some form of pimples to show up so I bought some clearisil incase I got any. I didn’t and I felt happy Then at the beginning of y9 (aged 13) i started to get very bad breakouts on my forehead, but I didn’t care untill. My so called ’friends’ used to call me “Braille head” or “isabraille” i thought it was just banter because I loved