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  1. Hey guys, Well, for me, I think it was microswelling like Boomers said. I have to say though, of all the things I've tried, this is the one thing that made my face look the best (temporarily). It totally poofed up my scars for awhile. I haven't tried it again, because I got a little freaked out when people were saying it make their scars worse. That wasn't the case for me, but that kind of scared me. I don't know why the ACV made things worse for some, since it's such a weak acid. I go
  2. Hi Pakifairy, I was wondering if you had a chance to use this product yet. I was in Super Target today, and saw exactly what you were talking about. Orange box - main ingredient hyaluronic acid. (Might have spelled that wrong). Have you had any success? Best wishes, Karli
  3. Hey Maria~ I'm so happy for you...just feeling better about your face makes all the difference!! That's awesome that you're feeling positive! I stopped applying the ACV, maybe a week and a half to 2 weeks ago. (I think). I wanted to leave my face totally alone before our trip. Of course, that didn't happen. I had a TCA accident, and a microdermabrasion accident. I'm such an idiot!! I mean, I'm 33.....you'd think I'd get it by now. Fortunately, both accidents are much better and hard
  4. WOW..great tip! Thanks for sharing. When I read the original post, I was thinking for a pimple under the skin. Well, I was able to avoid a major face catastrophe this weekend. I had a little microdermabrasion accident (at home, my fault), and was left with this gash right next to the scar on my face that bothers me the most. I was freaking out. Long story short, I put sea salt on the open skin, and right away, my skin started pulling together, trying to heal. It was so cool! I never k
  5. HA HA...that's funny! :D Thank goodness for being able to pause live TV, right? Although my husband thought stopping the show so I could apply vinegar every 5 minutes got a little old! Hmmm....I don't really know what to think about my results. My face looks a little better, though not as good as I originally thought. The weird thing is...i FEEL better about it. My scars were literally invisible for nearly a month. That's what I don't understand. If it was swelling, I don't know wh
  6. Hi Maria, I'm sorry you lost a little of the results too, but at least you're seeing some improvement! You know, this is the only thing I've ever tried where I actually did see results. All those acids, creams and potions did nothing for me. You can't imagine how it felt to only see 2 scars on my cheeks instead of 5. It was just an amazing feeling! It's weird, even those I lost results in one scar, I feel SO much better about my face! And as I'm sure you know.....that's half the battle!
  7. Yeah, that's a good question. Would a low % of glycolic or lactic applied to the scar in the same way as the ACV work just the same? Does anyone know why/why not? (I don't mean like a TCA cross method, but a very weak glycolic acid - applied over and over). I am the wrong person to be using acids, that's for sure. I just had another 8% TCA disaster. I put it on a wrinkle across my forehead, and of course couldn't help but pick the scab off early. Now my forehead looks awful. I have a gr
  8. Hi Maria, ;) Actually the opposite. The only scar I have used TCA on recently in the scar on my forehead. That's the one that is responding the slowest to the ACV. I have done so many things to that stubborn scar! The scars on my cheeks are the ones that are leveling the best, and I haven't used TCA on those in years. My skin reacts so badly to the TCA (well, maybe not "badly," maybe it's like it's supposed to), but I don't want to leave the house with that wrinkly, burned look. Th
  9. Notsoscarredforever, Hey, that's so weird!!! You described something as "white pimple like bubbles." I have the same thing! Isn't that strange, and I know it's from the ACV too. I'm going to stop and give my skin a rest. I don't want to stop because of my good results, but I have a couple of those little white things too. Like a tiny mini-pimple under the skin. I don't know if I would even say pimple.....just a little bump thingy. I'm the kind of person that if 5 dabs of ACV works, th
  10. Hi guys, I hesitate to post, because the last thing I want to do is get into an argument with anyone. I'm so sorry for anyone whose scars became worse trying this. I'm like you guys....just trying it to see what happens. OK, THIS IS LONG: I have to say, my results are nothing short of unbelievable. I have no clue how or why this has worked for me, especially considering my scars are old. (Some 15+ years). I am just a 33 year old mom, just trying to make myself feel better about my face. N
  11. Semolina, I'm so sorry that this didn't work for your scars. I really hope the scars didn't become worse. Do you think they are deeper/bigger? Do you think the surrounding skin my be irritated temporarily? I know I wasn't the one that originated this method, but I did post my positive results, and I feel so bad that it didn't work for you. I would feel AWFUL if someone's skin looked worse because of something I said to try. So you applied it over and over with a q-tip? Hmm...that's so wei
  12. Jezzajjj, Hey, that's awesome! I know what you mean, I was a total cynic about this method, and didn't try anything for months. Then I was like...OK, it's 2 dollars, why not? This method is unbelievable for the shallow, saucer shaped scars! (At least in my experience). I literally had one fill in within about 3 days. I'm applying ACV probably 10 times per night. (Oh, and that scar was over 15 years old). I have no idea what the scars are filling in "with," but they are leveling somehow!
  13. Notsoscarredforever, Hey.....i answered my own question. I went back to read some of your posts from January, and found the answers I was looking for. Sorry about that! I have 2 boys - kindergarten and preschool, and it's SO hard to find a few minutes to search thru all the posts!! It's a zoo over here! HA HA!! Maria1, Isn't that weird about the ice pick / or in my case scarred pores? They're the smallest...you'd think they'd have the best results. So here's an update. I was working