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  1. Ok you know how sometimes pimples are kinda difficult to pop and sometimes you end up ripping/tearing the top layer of your skin leaving it red right? Well this happened to me in multiple spots on my face and I want to know what to put on the skin so it won't be so red. I can't really go somewhere right now to buy a special cream or anything.
  2. ^^ I defently have done the hulk think on some zits that were huge and didn't go away and guess what?! THOSE ARE THE ONES THAT ARE SUPER RED STILL!!! AAHHHHH that is sooo agravating because there is just like 3 of them that are like that but they are huuuggeee. >: (
  3. Bro I play football too and I never noticed any more acne than usual. I just made sure to keep my helmet/ chin strap clean. Also when I was done with football I washed my face off right after practice. And another thing is trying not to touch your face so much because of all the dirt and crap on your hands. Good luck!
  4. Ok so I have noticed that when I pop a pimple on my body that it stays red and it still looks irritated in the area after like 2-3 weeks even though there is nothing left in the pimple. How do I get rid of these because they are very annoying. thanks
  5. Ok so I am wanting to make some sort of a cleansing mask for my face but i'm not sure how to make it. Does anyone have a good like receipt for a good one? thanks
  6. Is this what you are talking about? http://www.amazon.com/Suvorna-Blackhead-Cl...2573&sr=8-2
  7. Ok so I have always had a problem with me having pretty big blackheads all on my nose and spread on my cheeks and I want to get rid of 99% of them but I have no clue how! Everytime I try to take one out I either cant or I end up only taking out like half of it and then it turns into a huge zit. I just want to know if any of you guys have any special product or way of getting them out and not letting them come back. Any help is appreciated! thanks!
  8. no i am using clearsil. and what product are you using? how is it working?
  9. ya i cant use anything with bp in it and i didnt really want to go to get a perscription or anything. like i want somethng like at home that i can do. like the kinda of regimens that some people make up know what i mean?
  10. ok well i have had acne since i was like 12years old and now i just find that the more that i try to stop it the worse it gets. like i can go say 4-5 days with little acne and then all of a sudden my face breaks out really bad. and now i have a huge pimple under my nose. how do i get rid of it WITHOUT using benzoyl peroxide (allergic). please help