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  1. Vidrar

    What type of scars do I have?

    I see some improvement, but lighting can be tricky. What percent improvement would you give yourself ?
  2. Vidrar

    Please suggest acne scar treatment

    Textbook candidate for subcision. I too might be seeing Rullan early next yr.
  3. Vidrar

    Perfect to live ?

    You present a false dichotomy. Obi Wan's 50/50 balanced approach is more in line with my view. You can improve scarring, and still step back and have perspective of what's important. There are a minority of cases where scarring is so disfiguring, that i can see it overwhelming one's life.
  4. Vidrar

    Price for Subcision and TCA CROSS

    Total rip-off. Rullan will do your entire face for less then 1K
  5. Vidrar

    Starting A Self Diary

    Good luck, man. Looks like Rullan was pretty aggresive. Lots of tethering pre-op, needling wont do much for you til you get all those scars lifted.
  6. Vidrar

    Facial fat grafting (Stem cell facial)

    I, too, am interested... Is fat transfer more superior then fillers when combined with subcision ?
  7. Dumb rule. People are gonna DIY, regardless. Better to have imput from folks here, then doing things blindly.
  8. Can you do subcision after filler, How long do you have to wait ? Im assuming subcision will damage the filler work ?
  9. Why are fillers so expensive. Clinics wildly mark them up, or the material is really that expensive ?
  10. Are there any long-term negative side-effects of constantly using HA filler ? I see only positive, seems almost too good to be true...
  11. What about Radiesse ? it's not HA, is it safe/permanent ?
  12. Sculptra sounds very interesting. What is the science behind it, does it actually stimulate significant amounts of collagen ?
  13. So, for us newbies just starting out the research. There are many different types of fillers.....restylane/perlane/bellafill/sculptura/juvederm/etc. What's the difference between them. In what situations would you use each ? Im interested in fillers not just for acne scars, but for general work too. Also, how do they differ from botox ? Discuss...
  14. Vidrar

    Derminator holes

    I prefer doing it manually with 30g diabetic lancets. Takes more time, but im more in control and less risk. I try not to poke past 1-1.25mm depth, otherwise too deep has made my scars even worse. Learned the hard way...
  15. Vidrar

    Acne Scar surgery

    Do not cut/excise you scars. I cant believe Dr's are even offering that primitive procedure, it'll make things worse. Try subcision/filler !