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  1. Diminishing returns, you prolly plateau after 4 or 5 sessions.
  2. You need subcision (in the right hands) 3-5 sessions, there's lots of fat loss there. You will definitely see improvement just from that. Then you can do TCA and Laser to finish it off.
  3. Filler before subcision ? Amateur hour.
  4. This is so ridiculously minimal, i would question ur mental health.
  5. If you've already done subcision, you went to the wrong person. Those shadowy divots will all benefit from subcision in the right hands. I would start there.
  6. Taylor liberator is for lazy doctors who wanna save time, and take a sledge hammer to a nail. It's overkill, and more risky to boot. Cannula is the way to go, accomplishes the job with much less downtime.
  7. I do everything at home.....subcision, needling and tca. Going great !
  8. Its supposedly slightly weaker then Retina-A, but not as flaky. I use it right after treatments, great for healing.
  9. Rappaport right over the GW bridge. Dunno anything about him, but i see his name tossed around.
  10. It's possible the new photos were shopped/airbrushed, photo trickery is very easy.
  11. BA regurgitated whatever Lim says. Like, almost word for word. That's what i got out of him.
  12. Hadalabo moisturizer (urea+hyluronic acid) Retin-A to stimulate collagen.
  13. Well worth it, given i do everything at home (needling, tca and subcision). I've seen 25-75% improvement, depending on the scar. All it has cost me is $ on supplies.
  14. The point of filler during subcision is to help prevent scars from gluing back to the subcutaneous tissue. It acts as a buffer, fibrotic bands are cut during the process, and can fully or partially re-attach if no filler is used. They say it stimulates collagen also, but its main use in subcision is to prevent re-attachment.