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  1. Digestive enzymes have been amazing. I get just 1 or 2 spots a week now. I have even eaten some gluten and dairy and not had outbreaks. I am amazed. Its been almost a month now but we will see if it continues to work. I think i can safely say that my acne is directly related to digestion. I will now do all i can to help my body digest.
  2. I know that sugar dosent affect my skin or my digestion. I know that gluten and dairy do. I have started taking probiotics and digestive enzymes today and will post my results on here. I hope it improves my skin.
  3. I have a theory that digestive enzymes could help towards fighting acne. My acne is due to developing allergies to different food groups after taking antibiotics. I believe that antibiotics have upset the balance of my digestive system. Every time I have taken them I have stomach cramps, very strange stools and bad skin. The last course I took has left me with all this plus acne and the only thing that seems to have worked for me in fighting the acne and cramps are the elimination of gluten and
  4. I started a gluten free diet and my skin got a great deal better then I cut out dairy 8 days ago and i am 100% clear for the first time in ages. I tried to do the elimination diet and introduced a new food group each week and see what my skin did but i cheated and ate cheese every now and then so it was hard to see what was causing my outbreaks. Im so happy i have changed my diet. I dont care that i cant eat yummy foods like cheese and bread and chocolate coz i would have done anything for c
  5. I did the elimination diet and found all my triggers. I found that all dairy and gluten gives me acne.
  6. Kerry, if you do need any holistic or diet questions I will be more that happy to answer them. I know you may not think that the holistic approach will get you the results you need for your son but I have cured my sisters acne eczema and psoriasis with holistic and diet methods and she has also stopped using medication from the doctor for the first time in her life and I have identified almost all my acne triggers and today my skin has been the clearest its been since I was a child. People re
  7. wow, this is all really amazing information. I think that if i stick to my diet i will be clear but i dont want to speak too soon. I guess my food diary will show me what foods lead to breakouts. Thank you for all your feedback, its been really helpful.
  8. since cutting out gluten my skin became 95% clear and now Im on a 80% raw vegan diet as well and for the first time in ages Im 100% clear. I like takeaway foods and bread and cheese but i like clear skin better!
  9. Stop looking for a magic pill to make it all go away. Diet is the key, i promise you. If would want to know how to get clear within a few weeks message me.
  10. Antibiotics caused me to develop food allergies. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. When have you guys developed these allergies to food? I have only really become sensitive to foods such as gluten and dairy since i took some antibiotics from my doctor. That was 8 months ago. Antibiotics make me develop allergies to food. Fact! I wish i stayed away from them.