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  1. Hello! Did anyone else experience a continuous red face after stopping or completing the regime? My skin is alright when I wake up, fairly pale and even (I'm Scottish and have blue eyes, apparently it's common to get redness?) About 20 minutes after a shower I can feel my face heating up ..and it's red, stays that way for the rest of the day. I've recently ordered a anti-redness moisturizer which I hope will help but my face seems to go red even with the slightest heat, never used to be l
  2. I'm just wondering if accutane works well on body acne? (mine is pretty mild) Thanks for your help
  3. Hey I've been using the oatmeal and honey exfoliator for a couple of years now and find it to be really good at getting rid of flakes etc compared to some of the more expensive ones which don't work as well, and at that price you can't go wrong.
  4. My view on the new moisturizer (I've been on the regime for about 2 years or so now only suffering with one or two blemishes at the most) It creates yellow streaks all over your face you have to press and rub into your skin kinda hard so it will blend in. I've also been breaking out rather badly and have been enduring it for 2 weeks thinking it was just a purge, now that it hasn't improved I think I'll be looking for something else. The only good point I can think is that it doesn't cause the
  5. i found the best way for even coverage is to use small blobs(pea sized) for each section of the face like start of with a small amount for forehead, then cheek one and two.. chin then nose(needs the tiniest amount because nose gets shiny easy) using only a finger or two. I see people just pumping it onto their hands and rubbing all over their face which doesn't seem to give proper coverage from what i have tried anyway.
  6. ok well i have gone back to my original dosage and my skin has gone clear, weird! ..but for how long we shall see. I only use a pea sized amount on my forehead,left and right cheek and chin, this amount seems to absorb more easy into the skin where as the bigger dosage didn't.
  7. So i have been doing the regime for a while now but still get the odd spot or two some stubborn ones on my upper cheeks so i decided to increase the amount of bp i use. I just wondered if anyone had more spots appearing after a larger dose as i have =/
  8. i think you need to move into the 21st century where it's common for men to where make up gay or not!
  9. get it on ebay, they might ship out to new zealand.
  10. any results with this gel? =P
  11. You need to exfoliate your whole face even the facial hair area in the morning to get rid of any flakes and bits. I only ever trim my facial hair with a clipper once a week and then will exfoliate all the bits of dry skin and stuff that appear and it gets rid of it all. After the shower you also need to moisturise your face. Hope this helps =)
  12. i use queen helenes oatmeal and honey face scrub in the shower every morning(gotta do it for at least a minute and in circular motions), it's a gentle exfoliater and gets rid of most flakes so no need for cleanser but you could try experimenting with whatever one you want however i still need need to moisturise after (daniels one)and that usually gets rid of any flakes and dry patches.
  13. i have mild acne and i found that using too much bp made my skin worse as in breaking out a lot more and it took me months to find the perfect regime. I usually use less than a pea sized amount for my forehead and the same for each cheek and chin and only a tiny amount for my nose . After 10 minutes id put on the moisturiser to avoid that burning and redness.
  14. i have tried everything cept bp..so i might give it a try ,ill have to buy some white t-shirts -_- aha didn't do much by itself
  15. my facial hair has become a weird shade of orange!