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  1. Ryady

    Water only

    Day 2: Face is dry, rough and uneven. Less red and irritated though. Didnt wash it today.
  2. Ryady

    Water only

    Day 1: Washed face with just water in the morning and didnt bother to wash it tonight. Face is less red and irritated. Hope it will continue to improve.
  3. Ryady

    Water only

    Although I'm acne free right now and rarely get any my face is still red and irritated because I damage my moisture barrier after using too many chemicals and overefoliating. No matter how much moisturizer I use my face doesnt seem to heal. So i decided to use nothing but plain water to wash my face and hopefully it will heal itself. I will try my best to stick with it for at least a mos. haha hope it will work!!!