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  1. my dermatologist decided to put me on antibiotics because my acne was really deep and cystic . So cut of the tretinoin and put me on doxycycline + benzoyl peroxide ... I hope my skin improves soon
  2. Thanks for replying I'm going to my dermatologist tomorrow . Do you think I should ask her to put me on Accutane ? Or do you think tretinoin helps with deep deep cysts ? This is my skin today :
  3. Thanks for the reply and how long did it take to fully clear up ? This is my face today , I had deep cystic acne which is now coming to the surface and my whole face is red and painful .. hopefully they heal soon
  4. Thanks a lot for replying How long the purge usually takes ?
  5. hey , thanks for answering ! Do you think it's normal purging or do you think it might be making the Situation worse ?
  6. Ok guys .. so I'm on my second week of tretinoin and my skin just gets WORSE AND WORSE and I'm crying everyday and not going out anymore . I don't have much drying anymore . I have deep cysts with no head on my left cheek . Please help and comment if you think anything can help .. I'm desperate do you think I should go on Accutane ? Or continue the retin a cream ? Or try something else ? Thank you guys so much