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  1. an i jus wanna add that if u think you cant get rid of ur acne or scars then ur crazy. for a very long time i thought i couldnt but i did get rid of them. if any of you think theres no way, then you are dead wrong! an ur crazy if u make excuses for why you dont leave your house! i could neva imagine a life outside my house!. jus thought id add that. hope u all tha best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hey guys. first post here. look, i for one have been reading here for quite a while and have seen what the majority here have gone though and trust me i have gone through the same. lack of confidence, not leavin the house, but seriously i reckon ive been stupid for doin this shat. for 1 ill tell you what ive done with my skin. which i might add isnt much at all! i had mild acne and now im pretty much clear except about 1 or 2 pimples. but to tell you the truth all i have done with my face is