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  1. Hey man, yep it can definitely be tricky with probiotics alone. I have a breakdown of the specific bacterial genus/species that I'm either deficient or over-abundant in, so have been able to tailor a specific program for my case of dysbiosis.... which should be much better than 'shooting blind'. That's not to say it's going to work, but it gives me a better shot than just using random probiotic strains! A lot of my protocol is actually based in trying to increase prebiotic fibre through
  2. Hey all, Just to update everybody since my last post. I've now had a stool sample analyzed to test my gut health. There is no single obvious cause, but I do have a high degree of gut dysbiosis. This is not abnormal considering I've been on antibiotics for 24 of the last 40 weeks. It's impossible to tell what my gut situation was prior to these antibiotics, and all I can do now is try to address the bacterial imbalance and see if this helps. Note: I had these problems for 10+ years befor
  3. But ketoconazole and climbazole also control malasezzia, and while both have significantly reduced my seb derm, neither have impacted the pustules. Where can I read how other topical antifungal treatments will not usually control malesezzia, or are less effective in doing so than terbenafine? I'd be willing to give it a try, but what is this based on?
  4. Not sure if this one was directed at me - but if so, it's not fungal acne. I do have fungal issues (seb derm) but no oral or topical anti-fungal treatments have helped these particular breakouts and it also doesn't fit the typical visual profile of fungal acne. Gram Negative Folliculitis is definitely an option - although isotretinoin should help in this case, and similarly to somebody else in this thread, these were the only type of breakouts on my skin that the isotretinoin didn't help wit
  5. Hi all, just checking in with an update. Unfortunately not good news. So I finished the 3-month course of tetracycline which was probably 60% effective. Pustules returned within a week. I then went on a combination of Rifampicin & Clindaymycin for three months. Pretty heavy duty stuff and often used in combo for other quite severe dermatological conditions with great success. Also used topical ointment in the nostrils to elimate staph. Anyway, nothing for 4-6 weeks and then it start
  6. @silverlight22 I eat fairly strict paleo - no dairy, gluten, added sugar etc. I've experimented with a few different dietary approaches over the years, nothing seems to make much difference but I'm maintaining paleo just in case and for general health. It's a nightmare! Will keep you updated if anything progresses.
  7. @silverlight22 yeah I found it strange too. The trouble is that I'm already using ketoconazole and climbazole - two effective ingredients for fungal folliculitis and dermatitis. Right now I'm not applying these to my whole face (just to my seb derm areas - nose and between eyebrows) but I have done so previously, as well as avoiding anything that can help malassezia proliferate... but no joy. I think I'll give it another week perhaps and then get in contact with the derm. He never gave a t
  8. @Canucklehead12 thanks man - I'll definitely add the MoD to my list of things to try. As I'm still on an antimicrobial topical routine right now, I'll hold off on starting right away. But it's definitely worth a shot. For the first time in years I've stopped applying a topical acne treatment (BP, a retinoid, Azelaic acid etc) to one half of my face. The pustules haven't changed so far, and neither has the general quality of my skin. @silverlight22 thank you - your words are appreciated bro. Ye
  9. Hey all. Just an update. Since my last post I've tried: - a staph decolonization routine (hibiclens, iodine, triple antibiotic ointment followed by BP) - azelaic acid (no negative impact, I actually quite like the cream (20%) but just didn't help at all). None of the above showed any noticeable improvement, unfortunately. In fact today it's particularly bad, and my mental health is just as bad as a result. Went back to the derm and he persuaded me to try the antibiotics. So I'm
  10. Hey man, I use 'De La Cruz', a sulphur leave-on mask, rather than a wash. Still, I notice zero flaking at all. Perhaps my skin is used to harsh BP and retinoid treatments, but compared to those, I find the Sulphur fairly mild. I always use Cerave PM though, I'm sure my skin would be ridiculously dry if not. The leave on may be an option for you if you continue to experience excessive flaking with the wash. I do have scalp acne/folliculitis and occasionally get relatively mild ch
  11. Are you all me?! Wow. I'm a long time lurker, suffering from the same symptoms for years now. Here's what I was told at a recent (UK) derm appt: - diagnosed with resistant folliculitis - advised to have bacterial swabs of ears, nose, armpits and groin. - suggested 12 weeks of 2 antibiotics to eliminate bacteria (whether staph or gram-neg) - this is pending a blood test as I have a raised ALT level (perhaps an after-effect of accutane) - potentially suggested to also topically target