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  1. Yeah, I didn't notice this until after the procedure when I looked back at the photo. I've healed now which was my main concern. I will email him tomorrow and ask for an explanation and refund.
  2. There's a med spa called Premier Laser Clinic that I believe has Infini, though I'd be reluctant to have it done at one of these places.
  3. I had a quote for Dermapen which was £325 for one session. He also quoted £750 per session for non ablative fractional laser. Not sure if he has RF microneedling? I did see him over a year ago.
  4. I saw him for a consultation, seemed like a really nice guy but can't speak for anything more as I didn't have treatment with him. The quotes he gave me were really expensive though.
  5. I only had a small area on my forehead treated. Yeah it's still needles and RF energy. I'm sure the technology is probably much the same but obviously not happy he lied about the brand, claiming it was a leading one in Secret that has verified results.
  6. £145 with PRP and nothing negative thankfully. He's treated others with the same machine and they haven't had negative effects so I'm hopeful my case will be the same. The annoying thing is that the machine probably doesn't do much but my only concern now is that it hasn't done any damage.
  7. It's definitely a cheap Chinese machine I think I'm going to raise this with him but not sure what his response will be. Anybody got any ideas how to tackle this? Should I ask for a refund?
  8. Thought this thread might be a good place to share this. Dr Anil told me that his RF machine is Secret RF but it doesn't look like it: [Edited image out] It looks like this random import devide I found on this Alibaba and another wholesale site: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2019-Professional-microneedle-rf-best-rf_60765489408.html https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/rf-micro-needling-system-18364026333.html What the actual Secret RF machine looks like:
  9. Had RF needling with Dr Anil today in London. At my consultation he told me the machine is Secret RF but, this does not look like Secret. I'm concerned that he's for some reason lied about the brand of machine he used on me? I've found the same machine online and it looks like a Chinese Machine What Secret is supposed to look like: I'm concerned that he's using a cheap imported RF machine and telling people it's an FDA approved device. Can anyo
  10. My scarring is exactly the same as what you described. Did you get any treatment or improvement?
  11. He didn't promise anything as my scarring isn't that bad. He said it's a safe treatment but not much about down time. I've asked him about this by email and will let you know what he comes back with. Probably going to get it done as I'm fed up with regular microneedling without improvement.
  12. Hi, could you please check the new photos I have added in angled lighting. The scars do show up and look more obvious in real life. Should I have RF needling for this or something else? Thanks.
  13. I'm thinking about going through with RF. Does anyone know the most appropriate settings for the forehead?
  14. Is there any reason to go for regular microneedling (Dermapen) over RF (Secret RF) if I can have them for the same price? I'm a bit afraid of energy devices and having RF done on my forehead for shallow acne scarring. Do I have anything to be worried about and which one should I go for? I've already had 3 regular microneedling sessions at 0.75mm with no results.