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  1. Thanks for the encouragement SilverStar Well, Its been 1 week and 3 days since I started this log. And I have to admit I have been neglecting my skin a bit. But surprisingly enough no great big breaks outs as yet. Just a few small pimples on my chin. So I'm just ticking along at the moment ... going with the less is more philosophy ... and trying to be good to my skin. Oh.. and I ran out of the clinique cleanser (which was not all that great anyway) so now i am using Nutrogena Anti Acne Cre
  2. Hi Y'all I had a regimen log about a year ago where I used Murad products for about a month and ended up ditching them all except the cleanser and using Dan's BP gel (which I bought 10 tubes of being that i live in NZ ... so if your gonna ship something here from the US you might as well make it worthwhile). I cleared up very nicely ... but then I moved several times ... changed jobs several times and got very lax with my skincare. Consequently I have had break-outs galore.... some of the wors
  3. Hi Angie I dont think you would be breaking out from leaving BP on overnight and then going to the gym as you mentioned you shower when you get home before going to work. Your probably just experiencing a late break-out. Dont give up. It sounds like you have been doing really well up until now. I hope this new breakout clears up really quickly for you
  4. Dont lose faith From the pic's you have posted there seems to be a massive improvement..... and i'm far too old to be saying this but your quite a tasty piece of jailbait keep up with it, im sure you'll survive this latest break-out good luck
  5. I think its partially genetic. My biological father never had it bad, just a few pimples now and then. My brothers (who are fraternal twins) both had it, one worse than the other, as teens but they are clear now. They are my half brothers (same mother) and my 'Dad' never had acne at all.... like not one single zit his entire life.... thats just freaky. Strangely enough, my mother never got acne either, until she turned 30.... then she got really bad cystic adult acne.... which cleared up 15 year
  6. If you read far enough through theres an editorial where he replies to 'frequently asked quetions' and according to that its all real gets funnier the more you read
  7. i dont know about being a 'paid member' but i didnt have to pay to post pics ... but i did that ages ago and havent uploaded new ones in over a year. on topic though i dont particularly enjoy 'first days' ... ya know, first day at a new job, uni class etc. And i do freak out if i am going to see friends i havent seen in a while... especially if i have just had a bad breakout.... but thats just ego. Family and really close friends i dont worry about 'cause i know they have seen me at my worst
  8. Age: 27 Sex: Female School/College: Too many to list (i moved around alot), currently working for tax dpt (and yeah, it bites), will be back in full-time study next year ... and i cant wait to be a uni student again. Acne status: Active duty - on first week of regimen again (it worked wonders last year, but then i got lazy) Favorite thing about yourself: i appreciate the absurdity of life and have a soft spot for the ridiculous What would you change about yourself (other than acne): ability
  9. from one kiwi to another , welcome to the board and good luck with the regimen
  10. I use Dan's BP gel with a 2% salicylic acid face wash. Its about the only thing that has worked for me. I also moisturise every morning with whatever is available (but i love Olay total effects), and at night apply Bio Oil after BP which makes my skin feel so damn soft ..... I love it. So BP and SA works for me. But I do not have sensitive skin, and i wouldnt say its for everyone.
  11. love youse all - without doubt - i adore everyone here, and there, and everywhere (yup - ive been drinking again *hic* hee hee hee) missy , your a doll - who could not adore you!! aksjdf , your a sweetie and a cutie and you have great taste in movies - feel the love baby!!! FaLLeNANGEL_XVX - cheer up hunny - its all about d'love round here. Paul86 , bipolar bischmolar - everyones a bit whacked at times, if your not, then you aint living. i loves you too :redface2: Chloe646 - count your bles
  12. DAY 44-ish hey gris - yeah, i agree about murad being on the rip off side of things, didnt get much improvement until i started using bp - i think i would do just as well with any lower priced sa wash. clean and clear etc . hey missy - i gots msn messenger - yay me !!!. oh and would you believe they started buffy repeats last night - from beginning of season 6 (ya know - where she's raised from the dead and left to dig her way out of her own grave), i was ecstatic. after all that champagne i
  13. i think this has been done before but okay mr master satistician, for the record i am 26 years 2 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours and 22 minutes old that took alot of working out - whew *wipes imaginary sweat from brow*