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  1. Hey! Yes the PRF is for hair loss, I'm not sure if it's actually helped, but I may not be doing it spaced close enough. I have not actually looked at his progress photos yet! i will try to take a look next time i'm there!
  2. @OrangeTree Yes! I'm pleased that I can see visible results, whereas treatments prior to Dr Weiner and Dr Rullan, I did not really see any noticeable effect. @MP28 Not sure if they're open. I suggest calling their office, if you'd like to check their availability.
  3. @monkieturtle agree with everything @slide. has said. Start with “manual” treatments before doing “energy” ones. For RF microneedling, Lutronic’s Infini or Genius is the gold standard now. Go with a well-known clinician on this, as some doctors can falsely advertise the brand of device they are using. Also, absolutely avoid permanent fillers like Bellafill as the complications are extremely hard to treat. I had complications from just HA fillers which ended up very difficult to treat.
  4. Yes, get the fillers dissolved, before you do anything else. As, @dazzed said, you can direct the clinician to do it over a series of injections. Then do subcision to release the tethered scars. I had complications with fillers six months later, where I developed very lumps all over my face and had to go on several courses of Prednisone for it to get resolved.
  5. @OrangeTree Hey! There is no follow-up appointment, however you will be extremely swollen right after the trio, so I recommend staying in San Diego for at least one day for the swelling to come down. You may also have some redness as well. The scabs from the CROSS will last about a week, I've gotten used to go through the airport with the scabs, and it's not a big deal. Hope that helps!
  6. I tried it both ways and I recall my face feeling itchier when I kept it dry. I had CROSS done last month, and I kept it moist with Vaseline and Cerave Healing Ointment.
  7. @Kristineellen I found his pricing overall to be pretty fair, and I was happy to travel to Florida to see him.
  8. @Kristineellen, you also have boxcar scars in your pics. Was typing quickly and should have added that in my prior post.
  9. Subcision and Cross will have the most benefit for you, because of the rolling scars. So you might start with that and see how it goes before Genius and fillers. That should significantly reduce the initial financial investment. Dr Weiner and his staff are great and very personable.
  10. @Ivan_070703 have you considered seeing another dermatologist for a second opinion on the lumps. I recently had lumps form due to an allergic reaction to Juvederm and was given Prednisone and steroid injections, which helped the lumps to go down. Not sure if this would help with hematomas resulting from subcision though.
  11. Definitely and improvement! Which Niacinamide cream did you end up using? The red line looks like a bit irritation, perhaps from your acne medication. It’ll likely get better. It’s an area that has a lot of natural movement, like when we when we raise our eyebrows, the forehead furrows.
  12. @MihaelaP, I do not have any autoimmune diseases, as far as I know. My local dermatologist told me that reactions to fillers can happen with systemic illness such as a cold/flu. From reading medical research papers, I see that other doctors also have observed this. Overall, HA fillers are considered safe and can be easily dissolved if there are issues. I would highly recommend going with someone that specialize in fillers. Dr Emil, from what I can tell, is an expert at treating scars, so th
  13. Hello everyone! Just wanted to update folks on the latest with my scar treatments Late-onset inflammation to Juvederm fillers from July 2019 If you've been following some of my recent posts, I've been suffering from late-onset reaction to the Juvederm fillers from fillers that were injected in July 2019. The reaction appeared when I had a bad cold in January, and has been very stubborn even after two courses of Prednison. In my last update, I was put on 10-day course of Prednisone. Unfort
  14. @Nick Corona After personally having a bad reaction to Juverderm fillers that were injected more than half a year ago, I’m not sure this is good news. The longer a filler lasts, the greater the chances of complications. For example, Bellafill is a permanent filler and extremely hard to treat if nodules form. I will never get this filler injected into my face. Agree with @joeysk, that this means a skilled injector is even more crucial to reduce complications.
  15. @xander_33 I’ve done cross and subcision at the same time and haven’t had any issues. One is beneath the skin and one is on the surface so it doesn’t conflict. I’ve also had microneedling done after cross, and I have not noticed it affecting healing, even though both are affecting the service.