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  1. With Dr Rullan, I have done at the same time, and haven’t had an issue. Note that Rullan uses Phenol instead of TCA for CROSS.
  2. I use a separate moisturizer and a sunscreen on top. I think I put in my routine with suggested products earlier in the thread.
  3. I see mostly boxcars and icepick scars, and some mild rolling scars. I think TCA/Phenol cross would benefit you most, and is cost effective. Subcision will help break up any fibrotic strands underneath the scars as well, particularly any rolling. More expensive option is RF microneedling with Infini/Genius.
  4. Overall, those look mostly like rolling and some boxcar/icepick scars.
  5. The left set of photos are slightly out of focus, so I’m having a hard time comparing. The lighting is also a little different too. When we’re the left ones taken? And the right? Since you had the procedures very recently, the redness and pigmentation issues are expected, and it could take many weeks or a couple of months to resolve. With scar treatments, it’s often trading filling in if scars for temporary pigmentation and redness. Prior posts in this thread had suggestions for your
  6. @okmichelle @SaraWillFight, same issue with viewing images for me. it's not a browser issue, it's something going in the software running this forum.
  7. @HopeNew, for rosacea, try topical niacinamide. You can get this very cheaply via The Ordinary. I think it's about $6 a bottle.
  8. @okmichelle I would say I have about a 15% improvement so far.
  9. @HopeNew glad I could help! For TCA cross, since it’s only been a few weeks, definitely wait awhile for the next session. It takes months for skin to fully heal and collagen to form. Keep in mind that with TCA cross, it can temporarily make the scars appear bigger, so it'll look worse before it will look better. Phenol cross doesn’t have this same issue, but I only know of Dr Rullan in San Diego that does this. Obsessing over scars is definitely understandable. I’ve been there. One thi
  10. @HopeNew After my subcision, I have one noticeable small mark where the needle entered on one side. It doesn't bother me too much, since I know it will get better over time, and it's very small. It looks a little worse because it's hyperpigmented. Subcision takes a lot of time to heal. I still had some bruising and slight pigmentation issues one month after subcision. I know it's hard, but definitely try to chill a bit. Otherwise, you'll just drive yourself (and your partner) crazy! ;-)
  11. @edie9598 I have not had any fillers yet with Dr Rullan, but will consider it after a few more rounds of subcision/cross/microneedling
  12. @edie9598 I have had two subcisions so far with Dr Rullan and have not had any hematomas, so you are in good hands. He also does not use a Nokor needle, which has a greater risk of hematomas. As for Curology, the first formula they created for me did not have Tretinoin. I requested it later and they started me on a very low percentage and once I tolerated, I was able to increase it. From what I gather, they will default to an initial formulation that minimizes irritation, which is likely w
  13. @okmichelle, so far I have had two subcisions with Dr Rullan in San Diego, and I have not had any major complications. With my last one, the bruising lasted for weeks, though after the first week, most of it was gone. I only had very mild rolling scars, so I didn’t have any fillers combined with subcision. I have also traveled to Dr Weiner in Florida for Infini RF and also had a great experience. He does subcision as well as well as TCA cross After a few mediocre/bad experiences with
  14. Overall the scarring looks pretty mild to me, compared to other pics that I've seen on here. To my eye, it looks like you mostly have icepick/boxcar scars with a rolling/tethered scar in the middle of the cheek. It's a little bit hard to tell from photos, because I'm not sure what is covered by makeup and what isn't. If you don't want to do subcision, you might consider fillers for the rolling/tethered scar. For the icepick/boxcars, Phenol Cross (Dr Rullan in San Diego is the only pers