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  1. https://youtu.be/sv53JlL7KxQ 0:27 For the good old money you say everything Just let me say one thing here: REALLY good doctors don't have to upload videos on YouTube or Instagram and do online marketing
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwQ_uxqrEoE
  3. Sorry to say that, but: Dr. Claus Jung in Munich, Germany is absolutely a bad doctor. Saw him in a consultation and all he offers was his fractional laser. Just all about the money in his office If I were you, I would remove him again from the list
  4. To be honest I can hardly see any scars. Please search a good therapist and just go on with your life!
  5. Yeah, I've done subcision with filler and an Erbium Laser (received it from my dad, who is a plastic surgeon). Got some good results, but unfortunately it will never be as before, this su**s
  6. Omg, our scars look exactly alike! But to be honest, I wouldn't mind them. [Removed]
  7. Omg, our scars look exactly alike! But honestly, I wouldn't mind those scars, you are really attractive, damn girl