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  1. Hi I just wanted to let you know my experience. I have been on Dans regimen since January. My 16 year old son has been on it since May. I altered my diet some by cutting out alot of sugar. My son has not. My face has been clear for months!!! At least since March. My son is almost clear, as he has not altered his diet. We have never experienced any excessive drying, (have the Cetaphil in case). I do strongly believe that because the peroxide is 2.5% most people will not experience much drying. Do
  2. I really don't know what to think. I have read so many articles on candida and leaky gut I don't know who to believe. It is blamed for a lot of ailments. I went on an anti-candida diet all winter not sure I feel any different. It did not affect my acne directly but cutting out sugar did. I guess if someone gets better by following an anti-candida regime than thats wonderful. I don't know what to say about the affects on the endocrine system, this is a new one for me.
  3. Hey lucy ! sounds like you had the same results as me. I went off spiro about 6 months ago as an experiment, nothing came of that. But 3 months after going off the pill bam!! Started a new pack today. It will take about a month to clear you think? Its funny reading your post, sounds like it could be me except I'm older and have two teenagers. One of which has hormonal acne and I have him on Dans regimen. As for pregnancy I only had back acne for a few months. For some reason my face was OK. This
  4. If your at home try putting ice on the spot(wrapped in something) off and on for the day. This does seem to shrink the swelling sometimes or makes the zit not quite so large. Also put 2.5 % bp on it every couple hours. The mes will soak into the layers of skin working faster. Its like a bp overload.
  5. OK I'm back. its been months. well last I was here I went off bc pills. Just decided it had been long enough. Well let me tell you I cannot wait for sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going right back on them. As I sit here with an ice pack on my chin! I've started to get oily again and am breaking out on my back and scalp! along with my chin and forehead. So my experiment backfired on me. so its taken 3 months and the acne is back
  6. Hey I watched a video of Victoria Butenko making almond milk. Looks good. Is it expensive or would it be cheaper to make it? its not hard.
  7. That stinks its not helping your skin. I do love them too. What is your diet the rest of the day like?
  8. If your not allergic go ahead. Just dont go crazy and eat the whole container in one day. I dont think a little a day is going to hurt you.
  9. I dont know for one thing you will have belly cramps! I think a balance is better than over doing in one area. Try clearing up your diet first. There is a thread on this forum that talks about fibre=bad. You might want to read that first, for other opinions. I know they are just opinions but some may help you decide if thats what you want to do.
  10. Hey... I know what you mean.. that site is confusing..backwards almost. PS you should also try ginger tea to incorporate it into your diet. Its not bad, with a little stevia
  11. Yes after spending some time on that site I figured it out. Its not explained very well. But yes I know those foods (greens) are anti, the list did not make sense.
  12. I agree I think oregano oil is great. I take it for candida reasons and for anti-parasitic reasons. If it helps combat acne great! It was recommended to me by a nurse practitioner. I do believe in the benefit of herbs. And this one does not taste bad, nor do you burp it up! unlike garlic. I dont think garlic is any stronger than oregano, I have not read anything to suggest that anyway.
  13. Hey alternavista.. love the site you recommended. but it doesnt make sense!? i looked up inflammatory which makes sense) but a little way down the list it says greens?! how can kale spinach , parsley mustard greens be inflammatory. i just dont get it?!
  14. Ok Thankx a bunch for the info. it makes sense. what you eat is certainly connected. i cant say for sure weather or not i have an overgrowth of "candida"... but i taken sooo many antibiotics advil,bcpills, my digestive system is definatly not functioning the way it should. i constantly crave sugar. it cant after all i've taken. i know this is how i must resolve it. along with probiotics.