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  1. I believe you have keratosis pilaris, which is a bit more common than you'd think. http://www.keratosispilaris.org/
  2. I don't know if you have an Albertson's near you, but I found some Bragg's Organic ACV there.
  3. What were you using before you started the ACV regime? If you were using scrubs/creams that are medicated and exfoliating, you should probably take a few days off before using ACV at 1:1. You could try diluting it even more to about 1:10 ratio and then gradually increase it.
  4. Well I've been using the nucelle 10% for over a month now 2x a day, and I can't say that it has made things better or worse. It helped my red marks a bit, but I also experienced some white heads. My blackheads are still there as well. From reading these posts, it seems like people are having better luck with vivant and gow. For the time being I'm going to give ACV toner a try, but if that doesn't work i'm moving on to the other brands of MA.
  5. There's also the possibility that they're swollen lymph nodes. If that's the case, leaving them alone woud be the best option and they'll calm down and leave in a couple of weeks. When I tried washing with SA and other cleansers in that area, it just irritated it. Google up lymph nodes and see if that's your problem.
  6. i've been using it for about 2 weeks and used a little less than 1/2 the tube, applying twice a day. Didn't get any amazing 2 day fade, but it seems to be working slowly and hasn't broken me out. However, it's working better than other products i've tried including hydroquinine, glycolic peels, and lactic peels. I'll update again after im done with the tube.
  7. took about 10 days before i received my shipment from east coast, to west.
  8. Just started using this stuff last night and i'm concentrating on two red marks that have been around for 3 months or so. I'll update on my progress as well.
  9. I tried the "Healing Cream" and the "Healing & Soothing Mask." The cream barely helped with the fading of old red marks, but works as well as neosporin for newly extracted zits. The mask started to clog my pores after a few uses and broke me out. So, I wouldn't be repurchasing either products.
  10. Try to keep your face away from the showerhead. The hot water and steam coming from the shower is making your facial skin even dryer and more prone to breaking out. This is how i've been using Botchla's and it's working: AM - after shower, use warm water to wet face and open pores. Apply C&C Blackhead Scrub for 15 seconds. Rinse off with warm water. Apply C&C BP Wash for 15 seconds. Wash off with cold water to close pores. Apply a moisturizer with SPF. (Eucerin Renewal Alpha Hyd
  11. I'm pretty sure that i read in a older thread, that the "alpha hydrox" lotion is the one people were recommending. I'm using the alpha hydrox and it does moisturize decently and doesn't make me break out in more pimples, rashes or anything.
  12. The "Eucerin Renewal" that people are suggesting is badged "Eucerin Face Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion w/ Spf 15," *NOT* the one that says "Day Lotion." Also for an extremely gentle cleanser try "Aveeno's Skin Replenishing Cleansing Lotion with Soy Extract, Fragrance Free." I've washed with this 4x a day once and didn't even dry out. However the oil of olay for sensitive skin broke me out after a few days of use.
  13. Yep, i used persagel for 2 days and threw the tube away because it made me breakout with cysts. I'm currently rotating between zapzyt 10% BP and clearasil total control 10% BP. Both of these have good reviews and work for me.
  14. Oxy 10% and Clean & Clear 10% Persagel broke me out with cystic acne, but the Clearasil Total Control actually works with my skin pretty well, just a bit drying.
  15. I'm currently using (Clearasil Total Control Acne Crisis Clear Up) which has almost exactly the same ingredients as the Ultra. There's some good reviews for it on makeupalley.com. Anyways, it is pretty drying due to the glycolic content, but so far it's keeping me pretty clear, only some minor whiteheads. Also, the drying effect seems to help with some of my older acne marks.