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  1. So I tried ACV for the first time today and WHOA that stuff is nasty to drink! I added it to orange juice. I have been adding urine to my smoothies for for about a week with great results, so I wanted to add the ACV to my regime to really get to 100% clarity. I heard it works really fast. So, so far I am: Washing with water only, morning and night. Washing with water and a wash cloth once a week for the dead skin mask (works great for me) Ingesting first morning's urine with a green fruit smoot
  2. 5'7" and 110 lbs. Underweight. I have to say I really agree that there may be a connection here. I can have trouble gaining weight, and can even lose weight eating junk food and big meals. I have thought about the connection between acne and mal-absorption many times within myself.
  3. I just wanted to add my experience with the "no wash" method. I have had what I think was hormonal, diet induced, sensitive and moderate acne for about 20 years (since I was 12). I have tried BP, Proactiv, drug store cleansers and lotions, health store cleansers and lotions, Hauschka products, household remedies, diet changes including Candida diet and cleansing...but still the acne persisted. My husband had been telling me for years that I should just try using water only, or nothing at all, bu
  4. How much ACV do you drink per day? How much urine?
  5. WOW! This is hugely helpful!!! I have never tried ACV, but I have some in my pantry. What effects have you noticed from your urine intake? How about from the ACV? Thanks so much for the info!!!
  6. Hi all, I wanted to start a new thread because the other ones are getting a little congested. I started the caveman (or for me cavewoman) regime 5 days ago, and I am also considering incorporating UT into the regime as well. I used urine topically for about 3 months before going to the caveman regime (right now I only use water to wash my face.) I stopped using urine when I started only using water, and I am wondering if any of you out there use both urine and the caveman method. If so, I am cur
  7. OK so I tried it for the first time. I mixed it into a fruit smoothie...wasn't too bad, although I didn't drink it straight. I wanted to find out more about what some of you that have been on UT for a while have experienced. How quickly did the acne heal? Are you guys totally clear now? What kind of acne do you guys have? Does anyone here wash with only water as well as drinking urine? If so, what are your results? Thanks guys!
  8. I am curious if you can mix the urine with another drink to get rid of the taste...such as orange juice or a vitamin C drink... Also, I have been on UT for about a month now, just topically, and have seen marked improvements. My goal is to be completely acne-free though, so I am considering drinking it. I also wanted to let everyone know that there was an initial major flare up when I decided to go off of all of my products and only use Bronners and urine. This went away though...I think my ski
  9. Yeah, I guess so. I'm still curious if anyone has bought one of these books and tried it out?
  10. Hi guys, Has anyone tried Acne Free for Life? I was thinking of buying it and wanted to find out if anyone out there has given this a go. The website is www.acnefreeforlife.com . Please let me know as soon as possible because if it works well I want to start it right away. Thanks:) Dandelion
  11. Update: My skin is looking SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better...just repairing the residual marks now. I feel so happy to have read this post and to have tried the UT. I still lay urine soaked cotton pads on my skin 2X a day and let them sit for about 10 minutes (after I wipe my skin about 4 times)...this REALLy speeds up the process. I also take a multi-vitamin with super greens and lots of powerful antioxidants. I also started eating pumpkin seeds daily as they are REALLy high in Zinc and Manganese,
  12. My skin is looking better every day! I am seeing improvements on the left over pigmentations and redness day by day...they are the most aggravating now...takes so long for them to disappear! The vitamin C helps a lot. The urine is HUGE for improving my skin, I thought I would never find something that worked for me. Plus, I feel so great knowing that I don't have to use any chemicals or products to get my skin to clear up. That is saying a lot, too, because my skin is resistant to BP and became
  13. Just updating... My skin is clearing really well...no new breakouts!!! The ones I had are clearing super fast. I have starting a different method I thought I should share with you guys...Once I wipe my face 4X with the cotton pad soaked in urine (thanks for the recommendation JenMyMy!) ...I will then soak 4 new cotton pads and lay them on my face...sort of in a facial-type way...and relax back and leave them there for about 15 minutes. I usually do this in the tub or something. It REALLy speeds
  14. I agree...I think I will just hold off on applying anything else...at least for now. My skin is doing so well! It is amazing how quickly the urine heals the skin. Even my little bumps are going away now. It's almost like after reached the 1 week mark it really started to heal my face. I know this might sound weird...forgive me if it does...but I wonder if the monthly cycle has anything to do with how well a person's face recovers from acne...more hormones or something...
  15. What about using baking soda to exfoliate? I was thinking about using this in a couple days but now that you mention that it might disrupt the acid balance I am a little nervous. Baking soda is alkaline and I figured the urine would balance that out...any thoughts?