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  1. Hi! Just wanted to update a little. I had 3 fractional treatments during last spring in total and my skin has become a lot better than it used to be. Here are some pictures from my skin during summer. (Not angled lighting). I haven’t been thinking too much about my skin lately which is great! Back to the present moment. I had my fourth treatment today and it was done much more agressively than the 3 before. The first pic is what my skin looked like immediately after the first,
  2. @ScarRight Not convinced about that hypothesis, sorry. We have talked about this earlier yet no evidence about results being better doing laser 3-6 months after subcision/fat transfer. I believe my plastic surgeon, derm and evidence that combination therapy is effective for acne scarring. My plastic surgeon is unbiased towards co2 fractional laser since that’s something they dont even offer here on their hospital and I asked this morning before I had my subcision and fat transfer if I should hav
  3. Hi all! I just had fat transfer and subcision done today! I got it for relatively cheap price since someone cancelled their surgery 2 days ago and I got it for discounted price. I paid 2400e for fat transfer and subcision. Procedure was done under anesthesia. My plastic surgeon mapped my scars under different lightings that made shadows on my scars. I agreed on the scars she was going to work on and everything went great. I’m going to get home soon and will get to wait for the results. I w
  4. Hi! Some of you may already know that I made a thread about treatment of acne scars with fractional co2 laser. That was supposed to be for discussion about fractional co2 for acne scars so I decided to make this new thread dedicated to update about my acne scar treatments and results. So far I have had 1 fractional co2 done by my dermatologist 9 days ago and I have planned to have 2 more this spring. In between I will possibly do subcision with filler for few deeper scars on both my cheeks
  5. @ScarRight Don’t believe it’s appropriate yet since my results now may be from swelling. Otherwise skin looks great and shallow scarring is what benefited the most so far. Healing was fast and no complications were present. Skin had peeled after the fourth day. After that only redness has been visible and 8 days post op redness has blended as far that I can cover it with a comcealer. As my skin healed so well, I believe higher fluence is reasonable. What are you doubting? That I got fractional c
  6. @Skin Pessimist The thing is, as I have said many times above, I understand BA's perspective and recommendations on most things. I don't understand ba's attitude against lasers and people who believe in lasers on right hands and settings. It's sad but true that some people like me have some limitations when it comes to treating acne scars. As I have explained above, treating acne scars with certain methods in Finland isn't that easy as it may be for you. I would have to travel (maybe far away) a
  7. @Skin Pessimist That doesn't allow you to be rude and disrespecting towards others and their opinions. Everyone has to ''prove'' their argument if they want to be convincing. As I have said above many times, I understand ba's recommendations but disagree with him/her on certain points he/she has said on this thread. What I don't understand is his/her behavior. If you start an argument I ask you kindly to show me studies and evidence. Otherwise I unfortunately can't believe what you are saying. T
  8. @Skin Pessimist This is one of the reasons I made this post. You said there is evidence and studies supporting this idea, great! Now if you’re kind please link me those studies since I haven’t been able to find any. I made this thread to see opinions like this BUT backed up with links to studies and evidence.
  9. @ScarRight I posted the study above but here it is once again only from different source that shows us the sponsor of the study (Aarhus university hospital) : https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/lsm.22165 @beautifulambition You seem to have no respect towards other people and their views/opinions.. No i'm not a troll, are you? You are here to help people? great! Let me give my opinion to people and you can give yours. If you are calling my information false, then prove it, prove
  10. @ScarRight Yes, TCA cross is usually done on icepick scars and boxcar scars. Here is a quote from the study: (which I will link below) Although in various studies best results with CROSS TCA are seen in ice-pick scars but since in our study we combined it with subcision, results were equally good even in rolling scars and boxcars scars. What we have to realize is that TCA was combined with subcision. This is what I am aiming for: I contacted plastic surgeon who does dermal fillers and tca cro
  11. @ScarRight my scarring is mainly shallow to moderate rolling and boxcar scarring with few deeper scars, which would benefit from subcision and fillers (ha fillers or fat transfer are the only fillers worth considering here in Finland). Tca cross have been shown not to only benefit icepick and boxcar scarring but also rolling scars in a medical study. I believe I will try fillers for my deeper scars first and see if I like the results, if not then I'll probably have to try fat transfer in 2 years
  12. Just a little update. Instead of doing fat transfer for my acne scars I have decided to try subcision with hyaluronic acid fillers first. This is because fat transfer is extremely expensive. I will try subcision with ha fillers first to see if I like the outcome with less investment, if I want and need something more permanent like fat transfer I will try it later. My mother (nurse) confidently agreed to do tca cross for my acne scars. Therefore my acne scar treatment plans have changed in or
  13. @beautifulambition @ScarRight @FromScarredtoFree I thank you all for taking your time to this topic. I’m not here to depate and I have left my view about acne scar treatments here. In summary I believe that fractional co2 done with correct settings is beneficial for acne scarring as I do believe that other methods are beneficial for acne scarring. What you guys are saying really does make sense to me: filling intended scars up with subcision and fillers before resurfacing is benefici
  14. Dear @ScarRight and @beautifulambition I thank you guys for your advices and work for this community. However I am a man of science nowadays and what I've read from your posts and answers the treatments you usually recommend are proven to work on acne scars by studies. However co2 fractional laser has so many studies to back up it's claims on acne scars that I myself believe that co2 fractional is very sufficient long term treatment for acne scars (and no, not every study is funded by laser comp
  15. I had co2 fractional treatment done by my dermatologist two days ago. I will have few more spaced 4-6 weeks apart and possibly fat transfer with subcision somewhere in between. The laser that I'm being treated with is called EXELO2 by Quantel. As I understand the higher the fluence the better the depth of ablation. As studies show, high fluence low density is better when treating acne scars. (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/47754413_Lower-Fluence_Higher-Density_versus_Higher-Fluence_Low