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  1. So far, I've done 3 Dermapen treatments. 1 in the office, and 2 at home after I bought my own pen. I'm not sure if it has done anything yet. However, it is a great exfoliant because like I mentioned, you get a lot a dry skin to rub off after a couple days.
  2. I had my first Dermapen treatment almost 2 weeks ago. It was not that painful since they used numbing gel. It was pretty expensive at $300 per treatment, so I'm not sure I'll continue on. http://cdn.acne.org/ipb_uploads/gallery_67841_8158_383747.png It looked like a sun burn for a couple days. Maybe 1 week after, I needed serious exfoliation. There was surprisingly a lot of dry skin from this. At almost 2 weeks after, it has healed. My pock marks have not magically gone away, but I do feel l
  3. I stopped the Likas soap. I had used it a couple times to take my makeup off and soon after, my face was bright red like the old days. Ouch. It died down once I went back to Bioderna even though I'm pretty sure I can see the old, little clogged pores coming back. Maybe I should invest in some medicated cream for that area... but formulated for black heads? I don't know.
  4. I am back to using Likas Papaya soap. I used that years ago, but stopped because it was too drying. I'm tired of using Bioderrma to take my makeup off because it is probably the reason why I kept getting those clogged pores.
  5. June has been a bad month for my skin. I started getting a TON of little clogged pores on my chin which I, of course, picked at and would always end up with wounds. -Sigh-. I always believed that if I get the plug out, it'll totally help! No, it always ended up a mess. They aren't puss-filled zits or anything. I have to assume it is from the sea buck thorn oil because I made sure to stop it this month. I swear, the clogged pores came out of nowhere. I also tried switching to cotton pads with exf
  6. It has been over a month. I am using the seabuck thorn oil rather than the b5 gel. It really isn't breaking me out, so that's great. I'm hoping I can find a heavier oil because my skin feels dehyradated naturally.
  7. Been 1 week since I started. I am shockingly not really breaking out from either of the newly added skin care items. I'm mostly shocked by the seabuck thorn oil. I slathered it on the left side of my face and still haven't woken up with a monster zit. However, it's not like these products have magically healed by skin yet or anything, but it's nice to not just use the bland Neutrogena lotion.
  8. Still no break outs from the b5 gel. I'm surprised it leaves my skin moisturized. When I use my Neutrogena combo lotion, it leaves that tight feeling that I hate. Put a tiny bit of sea buckthorn oil on my left temple and cheek. I am sure this will break me out. It is orange and has a weird smell.
  9. I woke up today and my right side was less irritated than the left. However, it could also be what side I slept on. Who knows..
  10. First day with the B5 gel. I put it on the right side of my face. It isn't as drying as I thought it would be. I do wonder if I'll get the same reaction as other serums I have used. It wouldn't exactly irritate my skin, but it would give me a ton of little irritation bumps.
  11. I got the B5 gel in the mail today. I'm going to put it on my forehead to see if it gives any bumps. I have the seabuckthorn oil coming this week too. I have a feeling the oil will break me out rather than the B5.
  12. Updated my photo gallery.
  13. The one thing I have noticed is that even with the medication Sprio, I still can't be 100% acne free. I still react to high dairy foods, sugar, and stress. I don't eat dairy anyways and rarely eat high sugary foods. I have been getting more stress since starting 2013 and have noticed that if I cry, I get this huge cystic pimple on my chin! It's always the same spot! I guess no crying for me. I got one in January and again I got one this week. I accidentally hit my face and noticed it hurt i
  14. I was on the train last night and caught a glimpse of my reflection on the train. The lighting is horrible on there. Holy moly. There was a patch of dents on my cheek that seemed deep. Ugh. I'm going to purchase a new dermaroller and try it over that patch.