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And it begins
I just began my regimen of spiro & Finacea. I was prescribed 50 mg (spiro) twice a day but decided 50 mg a day was better. The 2-pills a day fatigued & brought on a slight headache. One works better. Anywho, I am going through it presently at 44-years of age. Geez, I rather not fight acne though I am young at heart. Since I began, the breakouts have gotten worse_as it is a part of the process. I work with the public & the process is tedious. I also receive chemical peels every 3 weeks with extraction. A few cortisone shots when needed. My overall skin tone is not bad but the 3 hormonal cysts are painful & unsightly. I will update in a month on my progress. Optimistic about the results.

By MidnightSunI,