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  1. Acne cannot be cured through products on the face. You need to change the internal conditions to cure acne.
  2. I think i will try this although i dont think it can work as a permanent solution to stopping acne altogether, i think it more cures the symptoms? how hot does the compress have to be? Do you use a cloth or what? Thanks
  3. Does anyone have more information on mercury detoxing? thanks
  4. Hi After many months of testing i can finally confirm that dairy effects my acne, i have cut it out for a while now but have major cravings for dairy products. IS there any way to cure the effects of a dairy allergy or intollerence? Thanks
  5. I'm 17 and am light weight as it is, i am trying to gain weight, i think this will make me loose wait. Also i cant stand being hungry.
  6. Has anyone cured their acne, by curing candida, or by flushing the toxins.
  7. Could you explain in more detail how the flushes work? Thanks A person is basically taking Formula 1 it stimulates the colon's natural muscle action and strengthens the muscles of the large intestine. It halts putrefaction and disinfects, sooths and heals, improves digestion, relieve gas and cramps, increases the flow of bile which in turn cleans the gall bladder, bile ducts and liver, destroys Candida overgrowth and promotes a healty intestinal flora. It also destroys parasites, increases
  8. Thanks alternativista, your regime looks interesting and i agree with you on the whole before and after pics.
  9. www.hsu.com she has a set of pills and supplements to do internal cleansing. I don't think you need to do the whole system, it costs about $226, which is too much for me, but I am going to start a few of the products especially liver, colon, and parasite cleanse. Good luck! Thats far too expensive for me any other solutions?
  10. Thanks i've had sucess with apple cider vinegar just to let you lot know.