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  1. OK, so AHA is only good for some types of skin. I can't use it. I have combo skin, and when I use AHA, I break out more. And I agree that this whole, "t gets worse before it gets better" is a myth. Acne.org's wash and Benzoyl Peroxide work well for me, but not the moisturizer or AHA. So not everything works for everyone. When you're dealing with the below the skin stuff like your bumps, you probably need a BHA- Beta Hydroxy Acid. It helps to exfoliate your skin but it's not done the same way a
  2. The Acne.org regime is one of the best things I can recommend. The other is to arm yourself with knowledge. Go to Beautypedia.com and research products before you spend any more money on junk products. Read The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here by Paula Begoun (your public library probably has it). This is fixable and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. I do agree with a previous poster who said you may need to see a dermatologist, but don’t let them convince you that bar soap or Cetaphil
  3. Mechanical scrubs, Biore strips (worst things EVER for your skin), super hot water, JUST SAY NO! You can’t scrub this problem away. You need chemical exfoliation in the form of an appropriately formatted beta hydroxy acid (BHA). Being gentle is key. Try the articles at www.paulaschoice.com, then look at reviews on Beautypedia.com to find a product suitable for your skin type and your budget. I’m not affiliated with Paula’s Choice, but discovered Paula Begoun’s books YEARS ago. Yes, she’s develop