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  1. DAY 107 Hi can't believe it's day 107 with only 6 more days to go and then I'm done. My skin hasn't seen a spot in weeks which is good but I feel I've aged about 10 years my skin is that dry I now have the pleasure of wrinkles instead of the zits apart from that the journey on tane has been good and I certainly won't be worried if I have to go on it again. Starting to get a little nervous about the thought of coming off roaccutane now it feels so good not to have to worry about the state of
  2. DAY 50 Wow I can't believe it is day 50 already. Not much to report on the acne front apart from I have not had any new acne for weeks now. I still have a lump where my 2 spots joined together It doesn't appear to want to go anywhere so if anyone has any suggestions on how I get rid of this lump I'm all ears. My symptoms are still the same eyelash and eyebrows falling out but not as much as before but it is still a worry I also still have these brown patches under my eyes but since applying sun
  3. DAY 42 I went to see the derm last night and I was given the nurse instead, what a complete waste of time she was she didn't help me with any of my queries she told me that my eyelashes and eyebrow problem has got nothing to do with the drug and to get a cover up stick for my brown patches err thanks for that not!! I told her that when I go back in 4 weeks I want to see the doctor instead so hopefully I might be able to get some answers then. On a good note all my blood work came back ok and th
  4. Thanks Altagirl for letting me know, it does help when you know other people are experiencing the same thing. Fingers crossed they will start to grow back afterwards like you say. Char x x x
  5. DAY 34 I've woke up this morning and my skin looks good it's not dry at all, I've also noticed the texture of my skin looks better especially on my chin where it's mildly scared. Still have spots though two have joined up to make one big massive zit but it doesn't hurt it's just a big red lump that is going to take forever to go away. Eyelashes are still falling out but maybe not as bad and the brown patches I have seem to be getting bigger. I'm so not happy about this I have know idea what thi
  6. Hi Lily48 It's every time you go for your monthly check-up until you finish. Char
  7. Hi Amy I have a derm appointment in 2 weeks time I'm not sure if they will up my dose they never said. I totally understand what your saying about covering the chin/mouth area when you speak to someone it's horrible. I also don't look people in the eye when my acne is bad I find it to embarrassing. I have no confidence left, I hoping like you that we will beat this once and for all. Ill keep checking your log to see how you’re getting on. Char x x
  8. Hi Bubbaloo Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I've noticed that you and me are the same age and that we are also taking the same dose so it will be really interesting to see how you get on. I'm on day 31 and my skin is still breaking out but not half as bad as it was before I started. Expect things to dry out about the 2-3week mark if not before. Good luck Char x x
  9. Thanks Tyler for your encouragement I know I have just got to stick with it because it's is the only chance I have of beating acne. x x Day 32 Not much to report my acne is just about the same as yesterday. I woke up this morning to a red rash on both my hands it's not sore just a bit itchy. Could this be the famous tan rash I hear people talking about? I'll have to start moisturising my hands from now on as well. Char x
  10. DAY 31 Feeling more positive today, 1 month completed and only another 3 to go. Today the spots on my chin are starting to go down and are less painful and the blackheads on my nose have shrunk to nearly nothing which is fab. I have no acne on my back what so ever it's just really soft and smooth and not greasy. I’m not flaking on my face as much today my skin has almost gone back to normal, don't know if that's a good thing but I've certainly enjoyed putting my makeup on without it looking
  11. DAY 30 It's not a good day for me; in fact it's been a tough week. My acne isn't great I have about 3 big spots on my chin but I think one might be on its way out. What's bothering me is the amount of eyebrow and eyelashes I am loosing I'm starting to notice little bold patches appearing, I'm really worried. Also I have these brown pigmentation marks under my eyes that I think are getting worse I've started to wear sunscreen even though it's not sunny in England just to see if it helps. My husba
  12. Hi I noticed on day 27 of your log you said that you were loosing eyelashes well I was wondering if you still are because I have the same problem but I am also loosing my eyebrows. Should I be worried or will it go away? Char
  13. Congratulations I bet your well pleased that you’re finally on Accutane. I wish you all the best and I hope it's a smooth ride for you. I'll be checking your log to see how your getting on. Char x
  14. Day 28 3 days ago I only had 1 spot, today I have loads. I am still loosing my eyelashes and eyebrows and also I have developed these brown patches of pigmentation under my eyes literally over night. I'm so fed up I almost want to give up. I don't have a derm appointment until another 2 weeks, I'm not sure I can wait that long I'm worried I won't have any eyelashes left. Char
  15. DAY 25 Since last time I posted I had a little mini break out which lasted only a few days, I also was concerned that my skin wasn't dry but things have changed now and my skin has got dryer but manageable and my acne is starting to go. I only have one spot on my face and that is starting to shrink so at the moment I'm well chuffed. I was getting allot of headaches but they have disappeared but I have a new symptom my eyelashes and eyebrow hair have starting to fall out I'm loosing about 3/5 h